What to Expect in Therapy with an ADHD Specialist

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Before you’ve met with an ADHD specialist, you may have noticed two things: self-help books often fall flat and most providers (including some doctors, teachers, or therapists) you’ve seen in the past, don’t really seem to understand Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). And it’s been incredibly frustrating (to say the least). However, therapy with an ADHD specialist should be a different story. Because they will understand that ADHD is real, and it impacts your life in lots of ways––from getting things done to dealing with your emotions and relationships to your confidence.

Here are some things to expect in therapy with an ADHD specialist:

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Our clients feel the same as you about worksheets and self-help books. They can be great in some ways but often seem built for someone else or don’t make much of an impact. The reason is often a lack of individualized support. An ADHD specialist will recognize the need for tools that are tailored to you and create an individualized treatment plan. Because ADHD impacts your life in a variety of ways (e.g. emotions, confidence, etc.), there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

An adult diagnosis can also bring a whirlwind of emotions. And while many adults with ADHD have learned to mask their ADHD over the years, they find they’ve built up a good amount of fear, anger, and shame. They’re left wondering, “Wait, what is ADHD again?” Therapy with an ADHD specialist can help to untangle these feelings and restore confidence.

Actually acknowledging that you have ADHD.

This should go without saying. In fact, it’s sad it even has to come up. But many folks have felt either dismissed or invalidated by others––even their doctors––regarding the possibility of them having ADHD. Some have even been told their ADHD wasn’t a big deal or feel completely misunderstood. Acknowledging and validating the experience of adults with ADHD is key to embracing their ADHD superpowers. In fact, acceptance and acknowledgment are two of the most important parts in every therapy process.

A graphic of a smiling woman typing on a work computer for Focused Mind ADHD Counseling. Learn more about anxiety therapy in Columbus, OH by contacting a therapist in Columbus Ohio. 43235Help dealing with your emotions.

ADHD is really a self-regulation disorder. So, many folks with ADHD either struggle to identify, understand, or regulate their emotions. ADHD specialists are trained to help you gain emotional clarity, communicate your feelings better with others, and find ways of managing anxiety and alleviating depression.

Real understanding. Real solutions.

ADHD specialist or not, you should be able to talk and connect with your therapist. Finding a good connection and building trust creates a strong foundation for ADHD treatment. The real solutions come from a mix of uncovering what is and isn’t already working, paired with building skills to better utilize your ADHD superpowers.

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We all know what it’s like to see someone who “sort of” understands our problem. This is often someone who claims to be an expert on everything. Many clients find comfort knowing that an ADHD specialist literally specializes in their unique mind and their most pressing concerns. With an ADHD specialist, you can expect to learn a lot about ADHD and get actual strategies to promote real change that can help improve your life. However, it’s all a moot point if your therapist is stuffy and hard to talk to, right? It’s important to remember that good ADHD therapy is approachable, does not feel like you’re being talked down to, and meets you where you are.

Begin Adult ADHD Testing in Columbus, OH

You don’t have to live your life feeling overwhelmed and in the dark about how your own mind works. ADHD testing can help you find real understanding and real solutions. Our Columbus OH-based counseling practice has caring adult ADHD specialists. To start your journey with our adult ADHD specialist, follow these simple steps:

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