Therapy For Creatives

Get Out of Your Own Way

Wanting to make Columbus art, music, or writing that’s meaningful, but your creative process and personal life feel stuck?

Do you spend your downtime googling “creative jobs Columbus Ohio,” while secretly wondering which is more important: money or creative integrity?

Perhaps underneath some of this is the pressure surrounding where you are versus where you thought you’d be in life?

I get it. Having lived in New York City with my own background in the arts, I know personally how passionate and creative individuals—like artists, entrepreneurs, writers, actors, designers, photographers, musicians, advertisers, or marketers (just to name a few)—have unique challenges in life. However, creative-minded people, whether personally or professionally, also have a unique talent for intuition and self-reflection. This gives them a great deal of insight into their experiences. Think of it this way: the creative portfolio of your mind may be furnished with trauma that needs to be processed.

Columbus Art: Remove Blocks to Inspiration

Wanting to move forward but feeling like your experiences are the wellspring for your art? You’re right. But emotional suffering and self-doubt can also stifle hope and creativity. Therapy allows you to rewrite your story and recover from trauma.

Trauma processing and creative processing can be similar. Both are linked to survival and turning pain into expression. Together, we can channel your emotions in a way that helps you feel heard so you can rediscover your spark. At the same time, we’ll start removing remove blocks installed by negative events, ultimately giving voice to your creative portfolio—both in life and in art.

Seriously, just imagine if you stopped getting in your own way and got rid of anxiety by turning down the volume on self-doubt. For instance, what kind of inspiration would become available to you? Would you find it in healthier relationships? More motivation? And then what could you create? What could you go after?


  • Clarifying, defining, or redefining dreams
  • Exploring barriers to work/life balance
  • Managing the stress of the ups and downs of a creative career or entrepreneurship
  • Uncovering new inspiration to meet your creative needs
  • Working through artistic burnout
  • Coping with rejection
  • EMDR to process and turn down the volume of past traumas
  • Exploring existential questions, like “Who am I?”, “What is my purpose?”, or “What does growth look like?”

I’ve always been interested in the idea of the “true self.” People are born as their truest selves, but the world can often chip away at them. Maybe you’re still wondering, “What should I do with my life?” Or maybe you’re looking to recover from the past, do some soul searching, or get unstuck. Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, uncovering your true self could be at the center of our time together.

If you’re looking for a therapist in Columbus Ohio this sounds like I might be helpful to you, I’d love to collaborate.