Online Therapy

Online Therapy Removes All Barriers

Life is Hard. Getting to Therapy Should Be Easy.

Since the state of Ohio put social distancing orders in place, you’ve felt the struggle of increased work stress with decreased social connection. You’re also becoming more aware that your anxiety or depression is on the rise. You’re on edge, keyed up, and feeling more lost than ever.

Man sitting at desk smiles as her types on his laptop. He doesn't have much time outside of work, but wonders if counseling from home could benefit him. Open Pathways Counseling offers online therapy in columbus, ohio, telehealth, and more. Contact us today for the support you deserve!

You’d love to start therapy, but you just have so much going on. Where will you find the time? Perhaps you live in the city of Columbus or Grandview, and you just don’t have time to sit in traffic to get to a therapy appointment. Or maybe you live in the suburbs of Worthington, Clintonville, or Powell, and may not want to extend your commute any further. Online therapy brings to you.

Online Therapy Might Be The Solution You’ve Been Looking For.

You want high-quality, specialized therapy services, but you also need therapy that fits into your life. Online therapy services at Open Pathways Counseling may be the answer. You’ll get supportive, down-to-earth, and skilled counseling that specializes in anxiety, depression, work stress and self-doubt, quarter-life crises, and men’s issues. Through the use of a secure video chat, we’re able to offer you effective mental health services without the hassle of coming into a counseling office.

Benefits of Online Therapy in Ohio

  •  Cuts the commute.

    • You don’t need to sit in Columbus rush-hour traffic on 315 or 270 to get to your counseling appointment. You can just pull up a chair, start up your laptop, and start therapy from home.
  • It’s private.

    • At Open Pathways Counseling, we seek to normalize going to counseling and asking for help. However, we also get that there are just times when you’d rather keep it low-key. Online therapy offers you the total discretion you may want (unless you’re not OK with your dog knowing).
  • Fits therapy into YOUR Day 

    • No more jigsaw-puzzling your Google calendar or moving heaven and earth to figure out a time that works. Without a commute, therapy is as simple as scheduling an hour at work or during a lunch break. Doing therapy from home or office can make therapy “less of a thing.” All you need is a place to sit and a good wifi connection. Done and done.
  • Perfect for Those Who Work From Home

    • Our homes have become the hubs for pretty much everything we do lately. We work at home, eat at home, relax at home. So it makes sense that we can take care of our mental health from home, too. Telehealth allows us to have productive therapy sessions without having to rearrange our schedules and leave work for several hours. You can press pause on that big project or schedule a session between meetings. Whatever works for you. Therapy from home allows you to maximize your time and your life.

Woman sits at table as she holds a cup of coffee with both hands. She is smiling and looking at her laptop, and is searching if counseling from home would be best for her. Open Pathways Counseling offers online therapy in columbus, ohio, telehealth, and more. Contact us today for the support you deserve!

Online Therapy for Anxiety in Columbus, Ohio

It seems like anxiety is on the rise these days. The uncertainty in the world can trigger fears of failure or the worst-case scenario. At Open Pathways Counseling, we’ll work to get to the source of your anxiety and remove its grip on your life. Learn more about Anxiety Treatment at Open Pathways Counseling.

Online Therapy for Depression in Columbus, Ohio

Feeling lost and stuck can lead to depression and thinking you are not good enough (at your job or in your personal life). At Open Pathways Counseling, we’ll work to remove the clouds standing in your way. Learn more about Depression Counseling in Columbus, Ohio.

Online Therapy for Quarter-Life Crisis in Columbus, Ohio 

The world today is overwhelming. I mean…yikes. Not knowing if your choices will leave you feeling stuck or lead you to the life you want? Definitely overwhelming. It’s easy to feel lost or not good enough. At Open Pathways Counseling, we’ll work to remove the emotional blocks in your way; to end self-doubt, and start learning to trust yourself. Learn more about counseling for Quarter-Life Crisis in Columbus, Ohio.

Online Therapy for Work Stress in Columbus, Ohio

At Open Pathways Counseling, we work with people feeling lost and discouraged at work. Even high-achieving people struggle with imposter syndrome, burnout, and self-doubt in their careers. Therapy can help you unearth why you still feel bogged down by self-doubt and discouragement even though you got “the job.” Learn more about work stress counseling in Columbus, Ohio.

Online Therapy for Men and Men’s Issues in Columbus, Ohio

Sometimes you just get tired of feeling like you’re not the man you want to be. Whether as a father, boyfriend or husband, or employee, some part of you feels like you are not stepping into your role the way you’d like. At Open Pathways Counseling, we’ll help you work through issues unique to men and start finding your strength in who you are and how you handle life (rather than in what you do or how much you make). Learn more about therapy for men and men’s issues in Columbus, Ohio.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

You may be over video chat. We get it. Video-chat fatigue is real. But this isn’t just another online video call. This online conversation is all about YOU. It’s about you connecting with a therapist and being self-reflective. This isn’t something we do in everyday life. Most of us walk around with some kind of armor on. So if you’re serious about getting real about what’s going on with you, then a computer screen can’t stop anything. Plus, many types of therapies can still be delivered through Telehealth and research shows online counseling works from start to finish (and without the headache of the commute).

African American male wearing button up shirt smiles as he types on laptop. They are sitting in their living room, and the open windows fill the room with light. They are looking up if online therapy is really as secure as traditional therapy. Open Pathways Counseling offers secure online therapy in columbus, ohio. Contact us today and see if telehealth is right for you!

Begin Online Therapy in Columbus, Ohio with Open Pathways Counseling

You don’t have to feel stressed forever.  At my Columbus, OH-based counseling clinic, we can figure out what you want and how to get there. If you have questions about therapy or working with me, please visit my “About Me” page. To start the counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here, email, or call today for a free 15-minute phone consultation.
  2. Schedule a time to meet with me, your therapist, for your first appointment.
  3. Stop feeling stressed. Start finding your calm.

Online Therapy and Insurance

Some insurance plans are covering online counseling and others are not. Some are covering due to the pandemic and others did prior to the pandemic. Calling your insurance to check can be a good first step, we can also discuss steps to confirming coverage prior to scheduling. You can find a list of accepted insurance plans on our rates and insurance page.

Other Services offered at Open Pathways Counseling

Online therapy isn’t the only service we offer at my Columbus, OH-based therapy practice. In addition to counseling for life transitions, I offer anxiety treatmenttherapy for creatives, therapy for young adults, counseling for men and men’s issues, therapy for work stress and burnout, and depression counseling. Let’s talk about how to get you back on track, today.