New Year, New ADHD Productivity Hacks: 3 Tips That Can Turn Your Year Around

A man appears overwhelmed with ringing clock drawings and schedules. Learn tips to learn new ADHD productivity hacks. Search for a therapist in Columbus Ohio to learn more about ADHD motivation hacks in Columbus, OH.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) brains have a unique relationship with productivity. If passionate, interested, or under the wire, ADHD is an explosion of innovation and art. However, many ADHDers have noticed that no matter how hard they try, they struggle with time management. Even if they buy all the planners in the world, they still forget to use them. For people without ADHD, the answers are simple: get a to-do list; just write it down; do it first thing in the morning. Right? There’s just one problem. Many general productivity hacks work…if you don’t have ADHD. What ADHD people are usually craving are individualized tools that work for their unique ADHD brains. Let’s explore why, as well as some more personalized options.

Why ADHD Can Make Getting Things Done Difficult


The ADHD brain has dopamine roadways that are backed up. This means ADHD people don’t use dopamine as efficiently as people without ADHD. The result is a brain that struggles with executive functioning, which includes planning, working memory, internal motivation, and the ability to filter out distractions, to name a few.

Internal MotivationA woman stares off into the distance while sitting at a laptop desk. Learn how a Columbus ADHD therapist can offer support in gaining ADHD productivity hacks. Search for a columbus ADHD therapist for more ADHD motivation hacks in Columbus, OH today.

The ADHD brain has low internal motivation. That means that when a task is boring, daunting, or mundane, the ADHD brain struggles to find the energy to activate itself. This results in an internal battle of wanting to get things done but struggling to find the energy.

Sustained Interest

In addition to getting tasks started, the ADHD brain also struggles to sustain interest. This is due to the novelty of the task wearing thin, resulting in a cognitive craving (so to speak) for a different, more interesting, task.

ADHD Productivity Hacks

A woman smiles while enjoying a healthy meal. Learn how a therapist in Columbus Ohio can offer support in learning new ADHD productivity hacks. Search for ADHD treatment in Columbus, OH today.Novelty

The best way to make a task interesting is to…make it interesting. Notice if a task or routine bores you. The ADHD brain is quite literally an interest-based nervous system. Whatever sparks newness or creativity within that task can really help. However, the first step is knowing what gets you engaged. What makes one task more interesting than another? Figure that out and doors will start to open.

Managing Negative Self-Talk

Many people with ADHD are harder on themselves than the crime warrants. Negative thought spirals only sink folks further into a state of distraction. Finding ways to disrupt cycles of negative self-talk, even if it literally means a distraction to get you out of your head. A good place to start can be finding ways to get into your body. For example, deep breathing or going for a walk.

Externalize the MotivationA group of coworkers smile while asking questions during a presentation. Learn tips to learn new ADHD productivity hacks. Search for a therapist in Columbus Ohio to learn more about ADHD motivation hacks in Columbus, OH.

Many ADHD people need external motivators to overpower lower internal motivation. For some folks, this is a change of scene (e.g. a coffee shop rather than their home office). For others, they’ll need an accountable person to hold them to a deadline.

An Individualized Approach

ADHD productivity hacks won’t work if they aren’t personalized. ADHD never affects two people the same way. What is true for one ADHDer may not be true for another. The best approaches come from personalizing a plan of action that works for you, based on your own unique set of circumstances.

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