Men with ADHD

Counseling for Men with ADHD in Columbus, OH

According to ADDitude Magazine, nearly 5% of adults in the United States have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). And, it’s estimated that 13% of men have ADHD. With or without a diagnosis in childhood, ADHD impacts adults much differently than it does children.

“But, shouldn’t I have figured out the whole ‘adulting’ thing by now?” 

Man sits on floor as illustrated cogs drift around his head. He is struggling with focusing his thoughts due to adult ADHD, and has been looking for adult adhd treatment in ohio. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling offers counseling for men with ADHD in Columbus, OH. If you're an adult with ADHD, contact us today to meet with an adult ADHD specialist!

Not if ADHD has gone unmanaged. Adults with ADHD often experience job dissatisfaction and instability, relationship challenges, and chronic overwhelm. ADHD left untreated can get life seriously off track.

You might be first to admit you’re often in a rush or late. Forgetful. Quick to react. Frustrated with where you are vs where you want to be in life. But you might not have made the connection between the boy with late homework and the adult man feeling lost and inadequate.

Common Ways ADHD Impacts Adult Men

  • Big emotions and angry outbursts
  • Easily distracted
  • Hyper-focus (or the “video game vortex”)
  • Marital struggles, often feeling criticized and shutting down
  • Trouble relaxing or winding down
  • Struggles starting tasks
  • Long periods of overthinking
  • Lots of big ideas with trouble following through
  • Low self-esteem, coming home feeling demoralized by work often

What ADHD is Not:

  • A result of lack of effort or willpower
  • A product of your environmental factors or bad parenting

What is ADHD?

ADHD is a matter of brain function. Meaning, the ADHD brain works differently. According to Russell Barkley, Ph.D., pioneer of adult ADHD research, there is a strong genetic component. In fact, about 80% of adults with ADHD have a relative with ADHD.

This means there is nothing within your (or anyone’s) control that causes ADHD. And you don’t need “fixing.” ADHD is a set of unique strengths––you just need help harnessing them (think Spiderman on day one). However, it’s also true that ADHD can wind up impacting your life in ways you’d rather it didn’t.

Common Ways Men With ADHD Can Impact Their Partners

What happened to the man you fell in love with? No question, men with ADHD can have good intentions. They can be very loving parents and partners, creative, and smart.

However, as life stressors increase (promotions, job loss, children), their partners often feel the ADHD man in their life seems “checked out” mentally. By feeling is if they have to “pick up the pieces,” partners of men with ADHD can feel emotionally neglected and alone.

Counseling For Men With ADHD Can Help

A man sits on the floor of a toddlers room. He looks concerned as he holds a toy block against his head, and is worried that his adult ADHD will keep him from getting his life together. He is an adult with ADHD, and Focus Mind ADHD Counseling offers counseling for men with ADHD in Columbus, OH. Contact us today for support with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults, treatment for ADHD in adults, and more.

Countless studies show therapy works. But sometimes, things other than ADHD bring men to therapy. And their ADHD goes unaddressed. For ADHD, you need a specialist. Workbooks and guided meditations don’t really cut it. You need therapists who understand the range of ways ADHD symptoms can impact adult men. An ADHD specialist can help you manage big emotions and start getting things done.

The Focused Mind Approach to Counseling For Men With ADHD

Every treatment experience starts with a comprehensive assessment. This allows us to get to the root of your symptoms so we can begin therapy. We use a holistic approach to ADHD and give you the tools you need to improve your daily life and build healthy habits. Our approach is tailored to the individual. We also help you work through the impact of ADHD on your emotional life. Which could show up as anxiety, stress, problems at work, relationship issues, and even painful memories.

What is Holding you Back from Beginning Adult ADHD Treatment?

“I’ve already had enough criticism for a lifetime; I don’t want to be ‘fixed.’”

We get it. At Focused Mind ADHD Counseling, we see you as more than a “label” or set of “symptoms.” We see you as a human being with unique strengths. Because actually, ADHD is a set of superpowers. You just need the manual for using those superpowers to your advantage (and for working through the frustrating stuff).

“These symptoms sound right, but I don’t want the ‘label.’”

At Focused Mind ADHD Counseling, our mission is to go beyond labels. To see you as a whole person with unique strengths. We aren’t just here to “treat ADHD,” but to help you get unstuck so you can live the life you want. We have a laid-back approach and seek to make therapy feel comfortable.

“I often feel misunderstood, why would you be any different?”

It’s pretty common for adults with ADHD to spend time with people who don’t understand ADHD. Family members get frustrated, bosses criticize, friends just don’t get it. Feeling misunderstood all the time can have a pretty negative effect on someone’s self-esteem. So it’s easy to shut down. “Why bother if no one understands?” An ADHD specialist who does understand can help you feel heard. Both in therapy and in your everyday life.

Begin Counseling for Men with ADHD in Columbus, OH

Man with glasses sits at a table with coffee cup in hand. He is happy because he has been working through counseling for men with ADHD in Columbus, OH. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling offers therapy for men with ADHD in Columbus, OH, counseling for men's issues, and more. Contact us today for the support you deserve!

You don’t have to live your life feeling overwhelmed or worried about mistakes that haven’t even happened yet. Our Columbus, OH-based counseling practice can help you focus your busy brain. Our ADHD counseling clinic in Columbus, Ohio has caring therapists who specialize in ADHD Treatment.

To start your counseling journey, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form to reach out and schedule a consultation.
  2. Meet with one of our caring therapists
  3. Stop feeling scattered. Focus your busy mind.

Other Services Offered at Focused Mind ADHD Counseling

Counseling for men with ADHD is not the only service we offer at our Columbus, OH counseling practice. At Focused Mind ADHD Counseling, we also provide adult ADHD treatment and offer multiple mental health services including ADHD testing. As an adult with ADHD, we know you may also be dealing with work stressanxiety treatment for ADHD, and depression counseling for ADHD. You can also view our blog for more resources and helpful info!