How to Find Your Confidence in the New Year: 5 ADHD Hacks to Start Taking Control of Your Life Today

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Did you know that self-esteem in those with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) tends to decrease from childhood into adulthood?  If you think about it ADHD and emotional regulation don’t come easy for many kids with ADHD who feel like they’re working harder than others just to get by. They never intended to forget their homework or to not finish a paper. It just sort of…happened.

Interestingly, studies indicate higher self-esteem if ADHD was diagnosed and treated earlier in life. Without proper ADHD testing as a kid, a person never knows that their brain is wired for distraction. And without the diagnosis, teachers and loved ones most definitely lack the skills to support and empower them. Ultimately, an accurate ADHD evaluation helps to validate how difficult it is to focus when bored or to get things done when overwhelmed. A lack of a diagnosis can then increase the likelihood of life starting to take an even bigger toll on self-esteem. Yet, with or without a proper diagnosis, many ADHD adults struggle with finding the right ADHD hacks to increase confidence and go after their goals.

For many, the start of a new year is a time for looking forward, setting goals, and making resolutions. But for many adult ADHDers, fear of failure or feeling defeated can stop them from setting those intentions and getting their life on the track they want to be on. Common challenges are starting a new job, taking their business to the next level, or even telling their spouse how they really feel about something without fear of rejection.

Here are five ADHD hacks to consider when trying to make this year a more confident one:

Look forward, not sideways.Image of woman looking in the distance at a computer after doing online ADHD therapy research on ADHD and Emotional regulation in Columbus, OH

To move forward, you have to stop making comparisons. ADHDers have a tendency to excessively compare themselves to others. However, when one’s perspective is looking sideways, it’s hard to have the motivation to look forward. In the New Year, look at the past and the future, but not to the sides. How can you improve upon what has already worked? How can you clarify your own next steps? Looking forward instills hope, and looking to the side can trigger fears of failure and shame.

Practice actual self-care to maintain ADHD.

Self-care is a buzzword that feels superficial these days. However, self-care doesn’t just mean binging a TV you love or getting a massage. Self-care means setting aside time for you. Even more, it means practicing setting the boundaries required to be able to set that time aside. When we are intentional about filling our lives with what we enjoy, we then find the motivation to move forward.

Image of a man at his computer reviewing online ADHD research to build his confidence and ensure he has his ADHD and Emotional Regulation handled. Notice what is getting done.

Many ADHDers have a “to-do list,” but hardly anyone keeps a “to-done list.” This would mean taking stock of what you are getting done and what is going right in your day or your life. Paying attention to what is going right is a mindset shift that leads to more motivation and confidence. Confidence builds on confidence.

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Many people with ADHD aren’t aware of all the ways ADHD impacts them. A lot of the time, ADHD is found in the nooks and crannies of daily life. However, we find that the better people understand their ADHD, the more control they feel they have over their life, and the more they are able to turn their ADHD into a superpower.This image shows a man attending online ADHD therapy in Columbus, Ohio to build his confidence and ensure his ADHD and Emotional Regulation are under control.

For those who think they have ADHD but are unsure, adult ADHD testing will help provide a concrete answer and a roadmap to move forward. Once ADHD is diagnosed, ADHD counseling can help provide invaluable guidance on how to manage ADHD and improve self-esteem effectively. Therapy for ADHD will offer solutions to start managing the frustrating parts of ADHD and turning the rest into an asset.


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You don’t have to live life struggling with self-worth. ADHD treatment focusing on confidence can help you find real understanding and solutions. Our Columbus, OH-based counseling practice has caring adult ADHD specialists. To start your journey with one of our adult ADHD specialists, follow these simple steps:

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