Get To Know Your ADHD Superpowers

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You’ve likely heard the term “ADHD superpowers” and wondered how those superpowers apply to you. While social media might seem to glamorize ADHD, you may also find yourself wondering how struggling to focus is a superpower… First things first, know that ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is not really a disorder per se. Well, technically it is. But in reality, it’s more so a different way of interacting with life. ADHD is truly a unique experience. No two people with ADHD experience ADHD life the same way. Therefore, the reason that ADHD superpowers might be hard to fully own is that they are truly unique to you. So understanding your ADHD superpowers takes some exploration.

Here are some ideas of commonly overlooked ADHD superpowers to get you thinking in the right direction:

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Truth: Adults with ADHD work harder than people without ADHD. The reason? Getting from one day to the next, struggling to stay on task, and dealing with a wandering mind isn’t exactly easy. Adults with ADHD have to “muscle” simple tasks in a way that comes naturally to neurotypical people. The result? Often a burning will to try again even after you fail. Most psychological research on success indicates that intelligence is not worth as much as the ability to try, try, and try again.


Leonardo DaVinci. Picasso. Beethoven. All are suspected to have ADHD. Why? Folks with ADHD think outside the box. Way outside. They color outside the lines and reimagine business, art, music, and more. The truth is: Creativity is often the life force of anyone with ADHD. It’s more than a strength, it’s often a need.


Do you ever notice that you tend to see things other people don’t? Small details here and there that others might miss. Interesting facts about other people. Trends in business, the world at large, that others haven’t even thought about? There might be times when you overlook punctuation in emails or forget an appointment, but noticing everything else results in thoughtfulness and a skill set highly useful to a variety of careers.

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Sure, it’s true that ADHD can impact one’s ability to get things done. However, if someone with ADHD is motivated and engaged, they can be Olympic-athlete-level perfect for the task at hand. While at times restlessness can be frustrating, there are likely many times that the rocket fuel provided by hyperactivity gets you to do amazing things. Many adults with ADHD have multiple careers, degrees, projects, hobbies, and talents that make them truly extraordinary people.


Most adults with ADHD have no idea that they have ADHD. That means that whatever you’ve accomplished in life, you’ve done so despite not knowing you had ADHD. While struggling to focus or activate yourself on boring tasks could weigh someone down, the adult with ADHD

learns to bounce back…and bounce back, and bounce back. And sooner or later, bouncing back becomes muscle memory.

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ADHD symptoms are also real. Forgetfulness. Struggles with focus. Intolerance of boredom. It can make life harder and sometimes even lead to anxiety or depression. However, the goal of learning to manage ADHD is to turn down the noise on ADHD frustrations and turn up the volume on ADHD superpowers.

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