Five Overlooked Signs of Adult ADHD That May Signal There’s More to Your Story: ADHD Testing in Columbus, Ohio

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Of all the most common mental health diagnoses, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in adults is probably the most complicated. This is because, unlike depression or anxiety, adult ADHD can look incredibly different for different people. The same symptoms can impact different lives in completely opposite ways. And if you have undiagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder as an adult, you likely had ADHD as a child, which means it was either misdiagnosed or it was missed completely. After a lifetime of being invalidated or inaccurately labeled, many undiagnosed adults with ADHD suspect they have it but feel unsure about getting answers. Here are some overlooked ADHD symptoms to help you further explore that voice inside telling you there is more to your story.

Overlooked Childhood ADHD Symptoms and Superpowers

First, there are the classic ADHD symptoms: running around when you’re not supposed to, blurting things out at the wrong times, messy backpacks and cars, doing homework the night before (or not at all), actively avoiding boring work (like reading assignments and textbooks), etc. However, kids with ADHD can still be incredibly smart. In fact, many adults with ADHD were flagged as gifted as children. Yet, despite this fact, many children with ADHD struggle with a sense of underachievement, feeling like they never meet goals. Besides this feeling of not measuring up, there were likely even more signs that caregivers, teachers, and others may not have noticed as part of potential Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

Commonly Overlooked Symptoms (and Unique Talents) in Childhood ADHD

  • Chronic struggles with low-confidence
  • Lots of big ideas or projects going at the same time, but not completing them
  • Trouble managing emotions, mood swings, difficulty controlling anger, conflict with family
  • Struggles following rules or proper procedures (this might also look like outsmarting teachers and the adults around you)
  • Trouble naming emotions and then shutting down when they become too overwhelming
  • High levels of creativity or intuition (being able to read others emotional states)
  • Constant changes in interests and career plans

Commonly Overlooked ADHD Symptoms (and Unique Talents) in Adults

Imposter SyndromeThree coworkers point at post-it notes on a window. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling can offer support with ADHD testing in Columbus, OH and other services.

Kids grow up. But the kid who never felt good enough is still hanging around inside. It’s incredibly common for adults with ADHD to be high achievers. But no matter how much they achieve, they never quite feel good enough.

Imposter syndrome is when your behavior doesn’t match up with your identity. You worry daily you’ll be found out for the fraud you are. You might feel the need to apologize often or feel like your accomplishments are only due to some other variable outside of yourself. For example, you “lucked out” in your career, or “were in the right place at the right time,” or “it wasn’t really my idea…ok maybe a little…but not really.”

Imposter syndrome can cause a lot of anxiety, people-pleasing, and struggles with setting boundaries. For adults with ADHD, this is complicated. Because already feeling overwhelmed gets paired with overcommitment to prove one’s worth and their seat at the table. Despite the fact that you’ve already earned both.

Trouble Managing Emotions

A man throws his hands up at his laptop in frustration. This could represent ADHD symptoms interfering with work. Contact Focused Mind ADHD counseling for ADHD testing in Columbus, OH to better understand your symptoms. Contact us to use our adult ADHD quiz and other services. ADHD and emotional regulation go hand-in-hand. Lots of adults with ADHD get told they struggle managing their anger, have mood swings, or overthink and worry too much. Interestingly, half of adults with ADHD qualify for an anxiety disorder, and 25% qualify for depression at some point in life.

Simply put, ADHD is a disorder of self-regulation. This includes emotions. The part of the brain that helps manage task initiation also has an influence on the emotional part of the brain. This means there is not much time to pause between emotion and response. So, you feel strongly, and then you act or speak strongly without time to process your emotions.


Many adults with ADHD learn to cope with executive dysfunction (e.g. daily forgetfulness, losing keys, chronic disorganization) by becoming so concerned with not getting off track that they start to move mountains to stay on track. It’s common for adults with ADHD to obsess over the details, have dozens of sticky notes hanging from their earlobes, and go over their to-do list 200 times a day. These behaviors only mask the chaos they feel interterally and the exhaustion of having to “muscle through life” so much. It can feel like a war with yourself, and you long to be able to create systems and structures that you can trust so you can stop living in constant panic.

Sensitivity to Criticism or Rejection

The accumulation of shaming experiences growing up with undiagnosed ADHD adds up. No matter what you achieve or how hard you work, you might be highly sensitive to criticism and rejection as an adult. This might also be what fuels overworking and perfectionism, but can also make adults with ADHD feel like “loners,” never quite feeling like they “fit in” anywhere. Walking around with a heightened fear of criticism has also been called rejection sensitive dysphoria (RSD).

Comprehensive ADHD Testing in Columbus, OhioA man smiles as he types on his laptop. This could represent completing online adult ADHD testing in Columbus, OH. Contact Focused Mind ADHD Counseling for an adult ADHD quiz and more.

Studies show that out of the nearly 5 million adults suspected of having ADHD in adulthood, the majority are undiagnosed. One reason is that many undiagnosed adults struggle to find a specialist who understands adult ADHD. Another reason is that many people falsely believe that because someone got through school, they can’t have ADHD. The truth is, intelligence and executive functioning struggles are not related. Comprehensive ADHD testing with an ADHD specialist is the best way to clear up facts from fiction and to know with confidence if you have adult ADHD.

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