Five Common Things You Do That Might Mean You Have Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

Hands point at a worried woman as she bites a fingernail nervously. Get support for ADHD and relationships by contacting an adult ADHD therapist in Ohio. They can help you address RSD and offer ADHD testing for adults in Columbus, OH today.

Many adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) also have a condition called Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD). Unique to ADHD individuals, RSD is a quick and crippling flash of anxiety surrounding fears of rejection. However, many ADHD individuals walk around unaware that there is a name for this fear they’ve been experiencing their entire lives.

At the same time, they may hear from others that they are “too much” or “too sensitive.” In reality, an ADHD person’s emotional experience is different because it is tied to having an ADHD brain (and lived experience as an ADHD person). Think this sounds like you? Here are five things that could be signs you have RSD.

1. You avoid risk

Nothing says rejection like actually taking a risk. While you might be impulsive at times, when it comes to making a change, looking for a job, or starting a new business (just to name a few), you might find yourself spinning your wheels with worry rather than taking action.

2. You avoid responding to text messages.A concerned woman bites her lip while rubbing her forehead in front of a laptop. This could represent nervous anticipation that an adult ADHD specialist in Ohio can help address. Learn more about RSD and the help they can offer for ADHD and relationships. Search for ADHD treatment for adults in Ohio to learn more.

It may seem insignificant, but there’s likely a lot going on emotionally when you avoid responding to texts. What can seem like procrastination is often a crippling worry that you’re going to say the wrong thing and get well…rejected.

3. You shut down with your romantic partners.

There are lots of things that can cause avoidance in relationships: saying how you feel, asking for what you need, and expressing frustration to a loved one. Intimacy sparks all sorts of risk-taking when it comes to open communication. When RSD is buzzing around, an ADHD person might just shut down to cope with what feels like unmanageable feelings of guilt, fear, hurt, etc.

However, what ends up happening is that the lack of communication only causes misunderstandings and tension, ultimately increasing RSD severity.

A teacher smiles with arms crossed while standing in a classroom. Learn how ADHD and relationships can be affected by RSD and contact an adult ADHD specialist in Ohio for support. Search for ADHD treatment for adults in Ohio for more info today.4. You struggle to recover from negative feedback.

Fear is one thing, but when an ADHDer with RSD actually receives negative feedback, it can feel soul-crushing. An ADHD person usually ruminates on this for days, feeling intense guilt and shame around the belief that “I should have known better,” “I could have avoided this,” or “This is just like me.” This sort of thinking ends up eroding confidence (see 1: Avoids risk-taking).

5. You’re emotionally reactive. 

One part of feeling RSD is acting on RSD. Many ADHD adults feel they have to react to perceived criticism. They may spend hours re-doing their work, talking to themselves and trying to “role play” the perfect way to respond, or even having arguments based on their fear of rejection. The emotional reactivity relative to RSD can cause disconnection in relationships and end up wasting time, which makes an ADHDer feel alone and misunderstood.A group of smiling coworkers sitting around a table. Learn how an adult ADHD therapist in Ohio can offer support by searching for adhd testing for adults in columbus, OH or adhd treatment for adults in ohio. They can offer support with ADHD and relationships today.

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