Finding an ADHD Specialist in Columbus, Ohio: 5 Questions to Ask

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Anyone who has ever looked for a therapist knows that it’s not only about finding a therapist. It’s about finding the right therapist. Someone you connect with and who understands your unique concerns. This is even more important if you are an adult with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


Because ADHD is often overlooked or misdiagnosed. So, it’s important to find an ADHD specialist who understands the way the ADHD brain works. They will help you to understand how it impacts your life as a whole.

But, finding a therapist is not always easy, especially in a larger city. So, looking for an adult ADHD specialist in Columbus, OH can take time. Sure, online therapy has made it a little easier. You don’t have to worry about location (or the commute) quite as much. And, you aren’t limited to searching in Powell, Grandview, or Worthington. Yet, finding an understanding adult ADHD specialist who offers real solutions can take time. Knowing what to ask can help.

Here are some questions to consider when picking an adult ADHD specialist in Columbus, OH:

1. What makes you an adult ADHD specialist?

First, make sure the person is a licensed mental health provider. Your evaluation or ADHD treatment should come from a trusted source. This includes:

  • Physicians, especially psychiatrists, pediatricians, and neurologists
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists or licensed counselors and marriage and family therapists
  • Nurse practitioners

Everyone deserves a therapist that specializes in their specific area of concern. Because ADHD looks like many other diagnoses, it’s important to find someone that truly understands the symptoms… and superpowers. A true ADHD specialist can help you find real solutions to behaviors that negatively impact your life. They can also help provide a better understanding of the symptoms that could benefit you. So, when looking for an adult ADHD specialist in Columbus, OH, be sure to ask what it is that makes the provider a specialist.

2. What inspires you as an ADHD specialist to work with adults with ADHD?A cartoon of a therapist speaking to their client as they gesture with their hand. This could represent what an adult ADHD specialist in Columbus, OH might look like when speaking to a client. Contact Focused Mind ADHD Counseling for information about online ADHD treatment in Columbus, OH. An ADHD specialist can offer support!

Don’t hire a therapist that doesn’t love what they do. Adults with ADHD are awesome. They have quick minds, big emotions, and a unique set of superpowers that they can channel. And, a good ADHD specialist knows it. So, find an ADHD specialist that isn’t only qualified. Find an ADHD specialist that is passionate about helping adults with ADHD.

3. What is your ADHD treatment approach?

Here’s a hint: the answer should include something about tailoring your ADHD treatment to you. There are lots of different types of therapies out there. But, the most important factor is that your treatment is as unique as you. ADHD treatment works best when it’s holistic and not “cookie cutter.” Worksheets don’t always cut it. So, find an ADHD specialist that centers around you while drawing from evidence-based practices and emotionally focused approaches to help meet your goals.

A graphic of a person sitting at their computer desk while smiling for Focused Mind ADHD Counseling. We offer adult ADHD treatment in Columbus, OH , online ADHD treatment, and more. Contact an adult ADHD specialist in Columbus, OH for support!4. How does ADHD impact adults vs. children?

ADHD is much different in adults than it is in kids. In fact, part of the problem is many people don’t understand how different. For kids, teachers and parents are often on the lookout. Common concerns might be not handing in homework, acting out, running around when expected to sit, or struggling to wait your turn. That description doesn’t usually spark a lot of “aha” moments when diagnosing adults.

Adults with ADHD struggle more often with a hyperactive mind and messy emotions.It might be hard to focus at work and impossible to ever relax.

Other things to consider when thinking about adult ADHD.

Others might describe an adult with ADHD as “go go go.” Or the adult with ADHD might struggle getting started, leaving them feeling “lost.” On top of that, adults with ADHD struggle with their emotions. Everyday life can feel like an emotional roller coaster. Feelings might change fast. But, they might also be intense and hard to let go of. Many people don’t consider ADHD in adults. But the truth is almost 5 million adults have ADHD, and 90% remain undiagnosed.

So why is it important to know an ADHD specialist understands the difference between ADHD in adults vs. ADHD in children? Knowing what to ask an adult vs. a kid results in an accurate ADHD diagnosis and effective treatment. And that can make all the difference.

5. The last question is one you need to ask yourself: does this therapist seem to understand?

A big non-negotiable in therapy is that you feel understood. Therapy may challenge (surprise) and encourage you to confront your fears. But, it all should be under the umbrella of empathy and support. Your therapist should have a validating approach created for you as an individual.Cartoon Graphic of an ADHD specialist meeting with their client. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling offers adult ADHD treatment in Columbus, OH. Contact us to get in touch with a therapist in Columbus Ohio today.

Ok, one more question. How will you know if the therapist is a good fit? This checklist will help:

  • You seem to be on the same page. Some of this will come down to the previous questions. Their approach and understanding of ADHD should align with what you’re looking for in ADHD treatment. But, you should also feel like you “click” with them.
  • They don’t minimize your concerns.
  • If you tell them their worksheets aren’t working, and they stop giving them to you. In other words, they listen to you and tailor treatment to your specific needs and goals.)
  • They know a lot about ADHD but aren’t just an encyclopedia. You should get the sense that you’re spending time with an actual person, not just a Google search.
  • It just feels right. The final part of picking an ADHD specialist in Columbus, OH is instinctual and intuitive. It comes down to how comfortable you are with them and how much you sense they know their stuff. Basically, follow your gut.

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Looking for an ADHD specialist in Columbus, Ohio? At Focused Mind ADHD Counseling, in addition to being licensed mental health providers, we’re certified in ADHD testing and ADHD treatment. We know the path out of the emotional roller coaster, and see ADHD as a set of superpowers. And, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We see you as an individual person that deserves an evidence-based, emotionally focused approach tailored to you. Because ADHD impacts people in different ways, Focused Mind ADHD Counseling offers a variety of services including adult ADHD treatment, counseling for men with ADHD, depression counseling for ADHD, and anxiety treatment for ADHD.