Finally, it all makes sense….but how did no one notice?” And other common reactions to ADHD later in life.

Before Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) testing, many undiagnosed ADHD adults feel different and don’t know why. Day-to-day life can feel like carrying a boulder uphill. Although good with people, many are always worried about their social performance. While some can get things done at work, it can be a massive struggle of late nights and delayed paperwork. Getting up for work can also be…hard. Even though many ADHD adults are “functioning,” they may feel like they could be doing better, achieving more. It can feel like an explosion of potential inside but without any ability to access it or know where to direct their energy. Once diagnosed with ADHD, many adults feel a mixed bag of emotions. Here are some understandable and common things that might come up after an ADHD diagnosis in adulthood.


It’s easy to feel angry that ADHD went overlooked for so long. Many folks wind up struggling for years without an accurate diagnosis. Moreover, if a person has ADHD then they were born with ADHD. So often adults are testing and realize that they were overlooked for an accurate diagnosis in childhood.


Finally, an answer. Many adults feel a wave of relief after being diagnosed with ADHD. One big reason is because without a proper ADHD diagnosis, many individuals feel “lazy,” “not good enough,” or any other number of negative feelings about themselves. Why? Because they’re explaining neurological differences with personality flaws or moral failings.


A major trait of ADHD can be high levels of motivation when a task is new or novel. A new diagnosis can also come along with a burst of motivation to learn the most effective ADHD brain tricks possible. Some folks even “hyperfocus” on learning about their ADHD.


Some recently diagnosed folks grieve what might have happened if they were diagnosed earlier. It’s important to note, ADHD can truly be an asset and a strength. Many ADHD individuals have seen a lot of success in their lives directly related to having a highly imaginative, flexible, and spontaneous ADHD brain. Simply put, while some goals might not have been met (yet) due to struggles with focus, many goals may have been achieved not in spite of ADHD, but because of ADHD.


Before getting accurate ADHD testing, many individuals experience the frustration of having previous evaluations that may have left them feeling misunderstood. If someone has ADHD, then an accurate diagnosis won’t be “on the fence.” Rather, it will accurately diagnose not just ADHD, but the type and severity. For example, some folks have inattentive ADHD, some folks have hyperactive, and others have combined. The precision of the diagnosis can then guide treatment.

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