Depression Counseling for ADHD

Depression Counseling for ADHD

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Thinking a lot of “is this how my life turned out?” type thoughts
  • Worrying no one else feels as lost as you, which feels isolating
  • Overthinking everything
  • Second-guessing yourself so often you forgot what you were trying to decide in the first place
  • Procrastinating and thinking, “I used to be more productive”
  • Longing to connect with people, but withdrawing from friendships

ADHD and Depression

Depression occurs nearly three times more often in adults diagnosed with ADHD. It makes sense.  You often feel like you’re working twice as hard with half the reward. Struggling to get things done while regularly enduring criticism. However, therapy that understands how depression and ADHD intertwine, might just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Depression Counseling in Columbus, Ohio

Close up of man with jacket and backpack watches the ground as they walk. They appear to be in a dense forest, and are feeling lost. Not in the forest, but in life. Open Pathways Counseling offers depression counseling in Columbus, OH. If you're experiencing anhedonia, are feeling hopeless or lost, or other depression symptoms, contact us today.

We help adults who feel lost and depressed get back to feeling like themselves. Just like you, many of my clients felt they had lost their way and were struggling to find meaning and purpose. They were afraid they’d never get back on track and end up feeling unhappy forever.

Maybe, you started feeling depressed after a recent transition. Something like graduating, starting a new job, ending a relationship, a big move. Or, maybe it stems from a deeper experience in your past. Or, maybe you don’t really know why you feel this way.

You consider yourself an introspective deep thinker. But, depression managed to creep up on you before you knew it was happening. You thought you were just going through a phase. But, now you’re losing track of your goals and have started thinking, “what’s the point?” Most days you feel some mix of hopelessness, apathy, and withdrawal.

Now deep down, you just don’t feel like yourself anymore, and you want to feel excited about life again.

Signs of Depression

  • Feeling hopeless or sad every day
  • Lack of interest in things that one brought you joy
  • Negative self-talk
  • Uncontrollable emotions
  • Feeling helpless
  • Overeating or under-eating
  • Feelings of guilt and worthlessness
  • Oversleeping or under-sleeping

How Depression Counseling in Columbus, OH Can Help You Now 

A lot of my clients describe depression as feeling lost in the woods. Struggling in the dark, trying to find a light in the distance. Depression can feel different to everyone, and often feels like no one understands. But you are not alone.

Therapy is a safe place to be vulnerable and work through the root cause of your depression. You deserve to start feeling like yourself again. It is possible to end negative thought-loops and self-limitations. In fact, so much more is possible than it may seem at the moment.

Counseling can help you change patterns within your life, so you can get out of your own way and get back on track. Once you stop feeling weighed down by depression, you will be free to start feeling better about yourself and where your life is going.

The Focused Mind ADHD Counseling Approach to Depression Counseling in Ohio

Our approach is supportive, encouraging, and down to earth. Many of our clients tell me that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most helpful parts of therapy.

Woman wears a red beanie as she stands on a covered walkway. She is looking down and smiling while touching the beanie with her left hand. She is feeling better because she has been receiving counseling for depression from a depression therapist in columbus, oh. Open Pathways Counseling offers depression counseling in columbus, oh. If you are experiencing depression symptoms, contact us today for the support you deserve!

Because your depression treatment should be as unique as you, we’ll customize our approach. We’ll use evidence-based therapies that fit you (not just a cluster of “symptoms” or “behaviors”). We’ll explore and figure out why you’re feeling the way you’re feeling. Then, we’ll support our work with psychologically proven methods such as psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). We will help you unlearn self-doubt and start taking control of your life.

It’s time to begin enjoying your life again. So let’s stop depression in its tracks. Tomorrow doesn’t have to be as difficult as today.

What will Depression Counseling Sessions Look Like? 

During our first session, we’ll work on getting to know what brings you into counseling. Every session after will be about 55 minutes. I recommend we meet once a week for at least the first few weeks to keep up the momentum we see in the session.

Now, if you’ve found yourself binging a thoughtful HBO series or Netflix doc, then you’ve definitely seen a few awkward therapy experiences. Or, maybe you had a therapist in high school that gave you a ton of “homework” your parents requested before they even listened to you.

You have our word, neither is going to happen. We aim to keep things feeling like a laid-back conversation. You’re in control. One day, we may talk about how frustrating your family is being. Another, we may answer deeper questions about yourself. Or, one day we may talk about tools to get out of the dark places.

Bottom line: no “blank-stare” therapy and no “six-grade-math-teacher, do-your-homework-or-don’t-complain” drill-sergeant therapy.

While therapy is a safe place to go deeper, a therapist is both a teacher and a student. So, while we learn about you, we will help you clear the path in front of you in order to meet your goals.

Portrait of man in opened button up shirt smiles as he looks off to the left with a tree in the background. His cheerful expression and smiling eyes are due to attending counseling for depression. Open Pathways Counseling offers depression counseling in columbus, oh. If you are experiencing anhedonia, feeling lost, feeling hopeless, or any other signs of depression, contact us today!

Begin Depression Counseling in Columbus, OH

You don’t have to feel so depressed forever. At my Columbus, Ohio-based counseling clinic, we can figure out what you want and how to get there. If you have questions about therapy or working with me, please visit my About page. To start depression counseling today, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here, email, or call today for a free 15-minute phone consultation.
  2. Schedule a time to meet for your first appointment.
  3. Stop dealing with the symptoms of depression. Start feeling like yourself again.

Other Therapy Services Offered by Focused Mind ADHD Counseling.

Feeling lost, stuck, and overwhelmed can look different for everybody. That is why we are happy to offer ADHD testing and counseling services from our Columbus, OH therapy practice. In addition to depression counseling, we offer adult ADHD treatment, counseling for men with ADHD, anxiety treatment for ADHD, therapy for work stress and burnout, and quarter-life-crisis counseling.