Can You Develop ADHD in Adulthood?

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There is little research that supports an adult onset of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In most cases, ADHD is genetic, which means a person is born with ADHD. However, the majority of adults with ADHD are not receiving ADHD treatment and many are unaware they even have ADHD. Undiagnosed ADHDers are overlooked until their focus struggles become so problematic…that they can’t be overlooked anymore. This is often during an “ADHD tipping point,” or a period of someone’s life when they can no longer compensate for struggles with focus. An ADHD tipping point might be college, graduate school, a promotion or job change, moving in with someone, or having a family (to name a few). But wait, if ADHD can’t develop in adulthood…why are there so many ADHD adults who were not diagnosed in childhood?

If you have ADHD as an adult, you had ADHD as a child. However, it may have gone overlooked. There are several reasons why that could happen and they might surprise you.

ADHD existed in childhood, but wasn’t creating impairment.

Some ways this might happen include:

  1. Small classes in small schools. Smaller classes mean more individualized attention, more hands-on learning, and better relationships with teachers. This likely means better performance in class. When students are in larger classes, it’s easier for them to fade into the background and not gain as much momentum or see their schoolwork suffer.
  2. A highly structured (“helicopter”) parent. Some kids with ADHD grow up with one or more parents A man smiles while gesutirng with his hands and talking on the phone. Contact an adult ADHD specialist in Columbus, OH to learn ore about treatment for adhd in adults in Columbus, OH. Learn more about ADHD in adults Ohio or ADHD and relationships today.who act like a project manager. Sometimes even all the way through high school. This can make college a very difficult time for the undiagnosed ADHD person because they haven’t built the habits and routines for themselves without their parents looking over their shoulders.
  3. Having a sibling with more severe ADHD. Sometimes when an older sibling has more severe ADHD, it makes the undiagnosed ADHD individual “fade” into the background. It acts as a distraction and a deterrent from getting diagnosed because the standard for ADHD becomes the sibling who was already diagnosed. The problem is, ADHD doesn’t impact everyone in the same way.
  4. High intelligence. High intelligence can often mean that when the work gets done…it’s done well. Good work rarely triggers anyone considering that an undiagnosed ADHD child is struggling to focus.

A couple smiles while preparing food together in the kitchen. Learn how an adult ADHD specialist in Ohio can offer support for ADHD and relationships by contacting an adult adhd specialist in Columbus, OH today or searching for "adhd therapist for adults near me".Co-occurring conditions masked ADHD.

Many ADHD individuals have a co-occurring mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression. Sometimes that condition gets so intense, it takes center stage and starts to hide the underlying ADHD getting diagnosed.

Over-compensating for ADHD.

When you struggle with an underlying ability to focus, you often need to find ways to compensate to survive. For example, many ADHD individuals become perfectionists. Checking. Checking. Aaaand checking again.

ADHD masking can also occur. This is where an individual learns to hide their ADHD traits. For example, wanting to talk more but realizing they do more than others and consequently avoid social stations.

Adult ADHD vs. Child ADHDA man smiles while looking out the window and talking on the phone at his work desk. Search for an adult adhd specialist in Columbus, OH for support in addressing ADHD and relationships and better understanding your mind. You can learn more about the benefits of treatment for adhd in adults in columbus, oh today.

ADHD in adulthood looks different than it does in childhood. For example, adults with ADHD are less so rambunctious or literally “driven by a motor.” Rather, they might be reactive, have low frustration tolerance, or struggle to shut their brains off.

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