Can Emotional Regulation Therapy Help with ADHD? An ADHD Therapist Explains

A graphic of two people talking with one another. This could represent the support an ADHD therapist in Columbus, OH can offer in managing emotions. Learn more about emotional regulation therapy in Columbus, OH and the support ADHD emotional regulation in Columbus, OH can offer.

So, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD) and emotions…apples and oranges, right? Not so much.

The most cutting-edge research continues to demonstrate that the inability to regulate emotions is a core feature of ADHD. Many ADHD adults struggle with sudden bursts and prolonged periods of anger, fear, or guilt (to name a few) that can cause issues in their relationships, careers, and self-esteem. Difficulty with emotional regulation can even increase susceptibility to other conditions, such as depression and anxiety. Despite the research, the connection between ADHD and emotions has been left out of the mental health conversation for years. As a result, emotional regulation therapy for ADHD has been overlooked. And as it turns out, learning tools to manage emotions isn’t just helpful for a happier ADHD life, it’s critical. Let’s dive in, shall we?

How are Emotional Dysregulation Issues Experienced in ADHD Adults?

Many ADHD adults feel that they experience emotions more deeply than others. They are not wrong. ADHD causes affective intensity, which means the emotional depth they experience is more significant than neurotypical people. As a result, they might hear from others that they are “too sensitive.”

Secondly, ADHD people also experience emotional modulation issues, which means they struggle to regulate the big emotions they experience. Think of it like a lion being let out of a cage (rather than a house cat), and the lion tamer is running ten minutes late.A graphic of a woman with a curious expression while surrounded by masks. Learn how emotional regulation therapy in Columbus, OH can offer support with understanding your feelings. Learn more about the help a therapist in Columbus Ohio can offer by searching for ADHD and emotional regulation today.

How Does Emotional Regulation Look to Others in ADHD Adults?

Anger Management

ADHD people are more prone to anger and irritability than neurotypical people. At times, this can result in sudden and unexplainable outbursts. One theory as to why has to do with the inherent frustration involved in struggling to regulate your thoughts and actions.

Excessive Fear and Worry

The ADHD brain is more prone to catastrophic thoughts. This can be tied to an anxiety disorder, the result of an overwhelmed nervous system, or both.

A graphic of a man with an upset expression sitting next to a bag. This could represent the struggles of emotional regulation that emotional regulation therapy in Columbus, OH can offer. Learn how a therapist in Columbus Ohio can offer support with ADHD and emotional regulation to learn more today.Poor Communication

Big emotions can cause two main issues with emotions. The first is emotional flooding, which causes excessive yelling or difficulty organizing one’s point of view. For some, this can look like tunnel vision, driving home one’s perspective and not taking into account additional perspectives or information.

The second is shutdowns. This is a way of expressing big feelings by simply not expressing them at all.

How Emotional Regulation Therapy Help with Adult ADHD?

Emotional Awareness

It sounds simple, but many ADHD adults will tell you that they’re often unaware of how they feel in the first place. Learning mindfulness skills to get better at identifying feelings helps. Part of emotional regulation therapy also involves identifying triggers for strong emotions.


After you name it, you need to learn to tame it. Emotional regulation therapy can help you learn the most effective tools to down-regulate big emotions.A graphic of a smiling man standing with their hands together. This could represent the benefits of seeking emotional regulation therapy in Columbus, OH. Learn how an ADHD therapist in Columbus, OH can offer support with emotional regulation therapy in Columbus, OH.


Ok, so you’ve named it, you’ve tamed it, now it’s time to learn to express it. Learning how to communicate more effectively can help you feel more understood.

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