Boundaries and ADHD: Three Reasons ADHDers Struggle with Boundaries and Three Steps to Start Setting Them Today

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Boundaries are the rules you set for yourself and others. They dictate what’s ok and what’s not ok for you. Since Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a self-regulation disorder, many folks with ADHD struggle with boundaries. And boundaries can come up around anything: time, people, emotions, work, etc.

Due to difficulty setting boundaries, many ADHDers struggle with saying yes to everything and everyone on the one hand, while saying no to their own needs or self-care on the other. However, boundaries are an incredibly important part of getting things done and having healthy self-esteem. The more we get done, the better we feel. But we can’t please everyone. So the lack of boundaries often creates a negative feedback loop. We feel like we are overworking, underperforming, and that we are “bad” or letting others down. Sound familiar? Here’s the why and the how:

Three Reasons ADHDers Struggle with Boundaries

Guilt over past mistakes.A graphic of a woman creating a boundary around her with a large pencil. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling can offer support for ADHD and boundaries in Columbus, OH. Contact an ADHD therapist for adults near me or search "adhd symptoms ohio" to learn more.

It’s really common for adults with ADHD to feel pressure to take on more because of their past mistakes. More work. More home responsibilities. And, more time for others and less focus on themselves. Unfortunately, this creates a vicious cycle. With so much work piling up and a longer and longer to-do list, the chances of more missed deadlines or mistakes start to add up. And this only creates more guilt and negative self-talk.

Feeling inadequate.

While taking on too much can be caused by guilt, it might also come from feeling unworthy to take on less. Similar to guilt, this usually creates a bit of a loop, and the over-worker then struggles with accountability, which reinforces lower self-esteem. A lot of this can be carried over from childhood. Even if a person received good grades growing up, undiagnosed ADHD can spark criticism from the outside world that often expects unique square pegs to fit into its round hole.

A graphic of a person creating boundaries in the form of a circle and dotted line. Learn how Focused Mind ADHD Counseling can help you set better boundaries. An ADHD therapist for adults near me can offer support for ADHD and boundaries in Columbus, OH today.Time blindness.

Emotions aside, many ADHDers struggle to plan ahead and can be blind to time. While this can be a great way to get in the zone (a superpower in many ways), it can also cause the awareness of deadlines to be out of sight, out of mind. This is all because planning lives in the part of the brain that is impacted by ADHD. Difficulty with planning can then create time-management struggles, which can put a person in constant “catch-up” mode.

Steps to Setting Better Boundaries

Learn to say no.

Emphasis on learning. Saying no is a skill. It won’t happen overnight. But like anything, practice makes progress. Start small. Say no to staying up late one night. Or say no to social media one morning. Over time, the brain starts to get the picture: “ok, you mean no, we get it.”

Identify your feelings.

This might feel left of center, but feelings guide our actions. Consider them. And identify if they mean you have to act on that impulse. For example, one can feel fear and face their fears. One can also feel guilt and say no. An ADHD therapist can help process your emotions in a safe way to better identify what is going on underneath your overworking and undervaluing your own time.

Say yes.A graphic of two people surrounding a person plugging their ears with word bubbles around them. ADHD and boundaries in Columbus, OH can help you learn to say no and yes when needed. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling can offer support with ADHD symptoms Ohio. Search "ADHD specialist near me" to learn more.

Sometimes setting boundaries is about saying yes. Yes to the new things, yes to the things that may seem selfish, and yes to help. When we extend bravery and self-worth outward, not only does our self-esteem improve, but so does our assertiveness (which is the main tool for building your boundaries).

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