ADHD Testing in Columbus, Ohio: What to Expect

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a brain-based condition characterized by struggles with focusing and self-regulation. It’s estimated that adult ADHD affects up to 5% of Americans (which is just over 8 million adults). However, only 20% of those adults even know they have ADHD. That means 80% of adults with ADHD are undiagnosed (not to mention underdiagnosed populations, such as adult ADHD women). This leads adults to seek adult ADHD testing.

Adults inquire about ADHD testing for a variety of reasons. Many find that they’ve been treated for things like anxiety and depression, yet continue to procrastinate or get easily distracted. Others have reached a tipping point, such as a new job, getting married, having kids, or some other life transition, and the loss of routine and structure has them in a tailspin.

What is ADHD testing?

ADHD testing is a comprehensive psychological test to determine if a person has ADHD. Unfortunately, there is no blood test or brain scan available to identify if a person has ADHD. ADHD testing is the most widely accepted and accurate way of identifying if a person has ADHD.

At the end of the test, participants learn not only whether they have ADHD or not, but exactly what subtype (inattentive, hyperactive, or combined) and severity level. ADHD testing involves multiple steps to assess a person’s level of cognitive ability and the impact of inattention or hyperactivity on their daily functioning.

How does ADHD testing help?

People with ADHD struggle with focusing, getting started on tasks, thinking before acting, and remembering what was said to them by others. Daily life can be hard to manage when your brain feels like it’s on a racecar track. If an adult suspects they have ADHD, getting tested is the only way to get on the right path to effective treatment.

How do I Know if ADHD testing is right for me?A man smiles while holding a coffee cup and looking at his laptop. Learn more about remote support a therapist in Columbus Ohio by searching “adhd therapist for adults near me” today.

Many adults start considering ADHD for different reasons. Some people learn that their child has ADHD, which has them wondering about adult ADHD. Some adults are referred by their primary care doctor or therapist for the testing due to there being a “missing piece” of their mental health puzzle. Other adults are struggling in college or graduate school or with a new job. In other cases, adults know they had ADHD as a child but need to be evaluated for treatment purposes as an adult.

A good first step to inquiring about ADHD testing for adults is to learn some symptoms of ADHD. There are three types of ADHD: inattentive, hyperactive, and combined. An adult must have five symptoms from one category to meet the criteria for ADHD.

ADHD Symptoms: Inattentive

  • Difficulty starting tasks
  • Struggles with finishing tasks (loses steam at the finish line)
  • Gets easily distracted when needing to focus
  • Easily distracted (by internal thoughts or external stimuli)
  • Often forgetful and has a tendency to lose things
  • Makes unintended errors
  • Zoned out in conversation, can seem “off in the clouds”
  • Difficulty following instructions (e.g. skips steps, etc.)
  • Finds staying organized and maintaining routine and structure to be a challenge

ADHD Symptoms: Hyperactive

  • Difficulty waiting/impatient
  • Restless, can’t relax or wind down easily
  • Interrupts others in conversation
  • Oversharing or blurting things out in conversation
  • Often fidgeting
  • Impulsive (e.g. acts without thinking things through)
  • Has the nearly constant urge to move around (on to the next thing often)
  • Emotional dysregulation

Symptoms of ADHD: Combined Type

● People with this type of ADHD have five or more symptoms in both the inattentive and hyperactive categories.

For those adults who find the above ADHD symptoms are a pattern for them in their life since childhood, ADHD testing is a logical step to get answers. Understanding the differences between each type of ADHD leads to the most effective treatments. ADHD testing will confirm which type of ADHD you have. With the correct diagnosis, people with ADHD can turn their ADHD symptoms into strengths, while quieting the frustrating parts.

What is involved in ADHD testing?

ADHD testing is thorough and comprehensive, so we know we can trust the results. There is strength in numbers, so ADHD testing gathers data from many sources to increase accuracy. A proper ADHD evaluation takes at least three hours.

Steps in ADHD testing:

  • The completion of multiple rating scales and questionnaires that help provide empirical data on symptoms.
  • A comprehensive, evidence-based interview that includes family history, childhood history, work, and school functioning, a review of current functioning, and an extensive process of ruling out all other possibilities that could better explain focusing issues.
  • Obtaining data from a person that knows the test taker well to balance their self-report. Other sources of data are also encouraged (e.g. school reports, etc.).
  • Tests of cognitive functioning and processing are administered to get additional data on a person’s ability to sustain attention and control their impulses.
  • A feedback session with a review of testing scores and treatment recommendations.

A man with earbuds smiles while typing on his laptop. Learn more about the support ADHD testing in Columbus, OH can offer by contacting a therapist in Columbus Ohio or searching “adhd therapist for adults near me” today. Once we clarify whether or not you have ADHD, the type, and the severity, we now have the most accurate diagnosis possible. You will then receive a full written report. It’s common for doctors and psychiatrists to need this report to consider treatment.

Getting Started: Common Questions About ADHD Testing

“I worry that I’ve developed enough masking and coping skills that the testing won’t catch my ADHD.”

This is a common concern. However, ADHD testing is designed to uncover ADHD when less thorough evaluations do not. This is why ADHD testing involves pulling data from multiple sources, so your evaluator can get the full story, despite learned coping behaviors. An ADHD specialist is trained to distinguish between ADHD masking and not having ADHD.

“I’ve been dismissed so many times, I’m worried that will happen again.”

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for ADHD stigma to cloud a person’s journey to an accurate diagnosis. However, this is why it’s critical to see an ADHD specialist who understands the condition inside and out. An ADHD specialist has the training and experience to identify ADHD despite the presence of other conditions or coping skills that mask ADHD.

“Couldn’t my anxiety and depression just be causing my symptoms?”

Anxiety and depression cause symptoms, but they do not cause ADHD. ADHD is a disorder of executive functioning. It’s a unique brain-based condition. However, most folks with ADHD also have one other condition. For example, almost 50% of adults with ADHD have a diagnosable anxiety disorder. ADHD testing will distinguish between ADHD and conditions that look like ADHD.

What happens after the testing?A woman holds a coffee cup while talking toa. woman sitting across from her. This could symbolize the support a therapist in Columbus Ohio can offer. Learn more about ADHD testing in Columbus, OH, and other services today.

Most adults that we test report feeling relief for finally having an answer to their focusing struggles. Once feedback is provided, treatment recommendations are given. This might include referrals for medication evaluations, ADHD therapy, and suggestions on how to better organize life.

Begin Adult ADHD Testing in Columbus, OH

Adult ADHD testing is the key to unlocking a pathway toward a more productive and confident life. You don’t have to live your life feeling overwhelmed and scattered. Testing can help you find real understanding and real solutions. Our Columbus, OH-based counseling practice has caring adult ADHD specialists. To start your journey with one of our adult ADHD specialists, follow these simple steps:

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2. Meet with one of our adult ADHD specialists.
3. Stop feeling scattered. Focus your busy mind.

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