ADHD Productivity Hacks: 5 Ways to Start Getting Things Done (Other Than a “To-Do List”)

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You’re so sick of having big ideas that never feel like they get off the ground. And watching daily tasks just collecting dust. The emails piling up in your inbox and the phone calls you continue to avoid making are keeping you frozen. At the end of the day, you just feel defeated by not getting things done.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) makes it difficult to plan, organize, and get started. Why? The parts of the brain that control these functions are the exact parts of the brain that are impacted by ADHD: executive functioning, responsible for planning, organization, time management, attention and concentration, working memory, and activation on tasks.

With the right tools to manage time and focus, ADHD can be more of a superpower than anything else. Knowing ADHD productivity hacks can help turn down the volume on the frustrating parts of ADHD, so your big ideas can come alive (or you can destress long enough to have them in the first place).

5 Ways to Start Getting Things Done When You Have ADHD

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That thing where you think you’re getting a million things done at once? It’s more than likely an illusion. Studies show that the human brain can really only complete one complex task (basically anything a notch above tying your shoes) at a time. One thing at a time is always more efficient than seventeen things all at once, complete with the shame spirals that come when everything that was on your to-do list still is.

Turn Goals into Actions

Feeling stressed as you think about the end result and shut down when it feels too overwhelming? ADHD makes it hard to see the small steps toward a bigger goal. In the ADHD mind, the timeline gets all wonky, and you struggle knowing where to start. Chunking ideas into smaller parts (really small, like “today I’m going to make a phone call that will work me towards my goal” small) can help turn ideas into actions. Goal achievement is usually made up of consistent, small daily actions, not just Superman all-nighters.

Know When to Say Yes and When to Say No

It’s common for folks with ADHD to struggle with saying no. Saying yes all the time is often born out of a need to apologize for forgetting or making a perceived mistake. However, this behavior often leads to more overwhelm and feeling scattered. Learning when it’s OK to say no can help build structure and increase productivity. On the other hand, saying yes has its moments. Learning to say yes to delegating, offloading, or self-care can be helpful on the other side of the spectrum. Focus is born out of boundaries, and boundaries flow in two directions.

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Pick Today’s One Thing

Of course, you’ll do more than one thing a day. But today’s “one thing” should be that one really annoying task: that table to put together, that tax document to find, or that phone call to make that you’ve been dreading. Doing that one thing leads to a good chance the positive feelings from knocking it off your list will increase motivation and be energizing.

Need Motivation? Consider Your Emotions

Motivation regulation is emotional regulation.

It’s hard to be motivated when you’re afraid, or ashamed, or sad.

The first question when feeling unmotivated is to properly identify your feelings about the topic at hand. For example, if fear is getting in your way, you have to first recognize the fears so you can distinguish between facts and feelings. Only then can you turn your mind to past successes to offset the negative self-talk stream. I know, it’s not always as simple as it sounds. But identifying your emotions as a first step is critical, and you can do it through journaling, meditation, or therapy. Find a way to get clear on how you are feeling. Your goals will thank you.

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