ADHD Productivity Hacks: 3 Tips for Improving Motivation

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When it comes to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) productivity hacks, there is one big elephant in the ADHD room: motivation. How to get it? Where to find it? What even is it? Finding the right ADHD productivity hacks that jump-start motivation is key to making progress toward any goal.

People with ADHD tend to be really ambitious about their goals. They can have massive ideas. However, they also struggle to get started. This can be especially true if there are a lot of daunting or boring steps along the way. Ideas without activation can feel like a boat on dry land. And it’s not due to a personality flaw, it’s a brain-based behavior that can be helped by understanding the unique ADHD brain.

The ADHD Brain and Motivation

Why is motivation so hard for ADHDers?

ADHD is a disorder of executive functioning, a set of brain functions which are located in the prefrontal cortex. These are higher-order brain functions that include working memory, organization, filtering distractions, and…engaging in goal-directed behaviors, such as planning, self-monitoring, time management, and sustaining our energy and interest toward a goal.

As it relates to motivation, deficits in executive functioning create a big gap between what we want to do and what we actually do. For example, an ADHD adult may want to get their boss the report on time but still end up asking for an extension. Or they may want to clear the yard and plant new bushes but still find themselves not taking action all summer.

According to the most up-to-date research, the reason ADHD exists has something to do with chronically unbalanced levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is the essence of our brain’s reward center; it keeps the executive functions online. It fuels joy, interest, and passion toward our goals. So what happens when dopamine is unbalanced? Well, binge-watching Netflix is definitely winning over mowing the lawn, because it creates more immediate reward activation in the brain from the outside in. Two coworkers smile while high-fiving. Learn more about harnessing ADHD hacks in Columbus, OH, and how an ADHD therapist in Columbus, OH can offer support. They can offer online ADHD treatment in Columbus, OH, and other services today.

3 Tips for Improving Motivation

Embrace chaos.

Some people thrive better when they are busy. In fact, many people are drawn to faster-paced careers: nurse, doctor, executive, etc. This might sound like a bad idea but…it’s not. The structured fast-paced situation can prompt the ADHD brain to take the next step. In fact, it’s usually when ADHD people have unstructured time and lower accountability that their lower internal motivation becomes an issue.

Not a doctor or a nurse? Don’t change your career just yet. The point is: sometimes it’s ok to keep yourself busy.

A couple smiles while sitting across from a person with a pen and notepad. This could represent how body doubling can help improve motivation. Learn more about ADHD productivty hacks and how online therapy in Columbus, Ohio can help. Search for ADHD in adults Ohio to learn more from an ADHD therapist in Columbus, OH today. Externalize the motivation.

Motivation for some tasks won’t ever come from within. So placing motivation on the outside can help. Find a way to be held accountable. Don’t have a deadline? Create one. Ask someone to check in on that deadline. For some, a skill called “body doubling” works well. Body doubling is when a person works near another person. Sometimes, just having someone nearby (who isn’t distracting you) is what the brain needs to turn on the motivation and keep you on task.

Start with “chunking.”

Breaking down a task into chunks (and writing it down) reduces the overwhelm of getting started on a larger project. It can also trick the brain into getting started. Starting with the simplest first step is key. Need to repaint the garage? Step one is to buy paint. Need to do your taxes? Just open page one for today.

Ultimately, productivity hacks for ADHD come down to building and changing habits step by step––in a way that works for you.

While issues with executive dysfunction cause barriers to motivation, the right strategies and adjustments can help. ADHDers can learn to build habits that ignite motivation and jump-start action. However, the secret is knowing there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Thriving with ADHD means taking a holistic and personalized approach. The best ADHD productivity hacks come from merging science with the unique ways that ADHD impacts your own life.A woman on a hiking trail smiles while sitting on a rock and enjoying the morning. Learn more about how healthy habits can contribute to ADHD productivity hacks. Search for online ADHD treatment in Columbus, OH for remote support. Contact an ADHD therapist in Columbus, OH to learn more today!

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