ADHD Masking: How to Uncover ADHD (Even If It’s Hiding) with Adult ADHD Testing Columbus Ohio

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When people are seeking Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) testing, they often wonder if the test will be able to accurately diagnose if they’ve gotten really good at coping with or hiding ADHD. A valid question. Not everyone experiences ADHD in the same way. As a result, ADHD can be easily overlooked, as the ways ADHD people struggle in life aren’t always straightforward. In fact, there’s a world where people are even surprised that a person is considering looking into adult ADHD testing in Columbus Ohio. One common reason why ADHD people can show up for life so differently is ADHD masking. Luckily, the efficiency of ADHD testing has improved over the years and more modern approaches can tease out the ADHD from the masking. So let’s get to some specific examples of ADHD masking and the ways ADHD testing can uncover the mask.

Signs of ADHD Masking


It’s common for ADHDers to be perfectionists. They might develop a rigid way of thinking or organizing themselves. Perfectionism is often an unconscious effort to control ADHD and make sure no one ultimately sees errors, mistakes, or unrealized efforts.

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Who would suspect you have focusing issues if you have more on your plate than anyone else, right? It’s common for ADHDers to take on too much responsibility. At times, this is an effort to make up for past mistakes by overdelivering. Other times, it can be an effort to distract from mistakes by being a superhero.

Staying Silent

While some people think ADHD people are known for being talkative, many suppress urges to speak their minds to “not make any waves.”

Having the Right Career

Some people are able to cope with being ADHD by having a job that’s perfect for them. For example, in a city like Columbus, Ohio, there can be many different choices for careers. You could work in the Metro Park system, in medicine for OSU hospital, or in a creative field. While having a good job that works for you isn’t intentional ADHD masking, it can mask dysfunction in a person’s life. While one may still struggle with remembering to pick up the laundry or pay a bill, they also are getting promoted and praised at work, which can minimize any struggles they are having and mean ADHD goes overlooked.


Many ADHDers relate to putting others’ needs before their own. The idea behind this can often be that focusing on the needs of others reduces any chances of frustration aimed at the ADHDer.

How ADHD Testing Works (Despite ADHD Masking)

A graphic of a woman sitting and talking to a person across from her sitting in a chair. This could represent the process of ADHD testing in columbus, OH. Learn more about ADHD testing in Columbus Ohio by searching for adult ADHD testing in Columbus, OH today. Objective Testing

ADHD testing includes objective measures of attention span and impulse control. By objectively measuring a person’s cognitive abilities, ADHD testing is able to identify traits of ADHD that will exist despite how well a person lives their life.

Empirical Measures

In addition to objective measures, multiple rating scales and questionnaires are provided. This grounds a person’s perception of their struggles in scientifically backed tests.

A Comprehensive History

ADHD testing includes a thorough review of your history. We will be exploring how focusing issues may have been around since childhood and distinguish traits that sound like ADHD from those that can only be ADHD.

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It’s common for ADHD people to struggle with recall. So in addition to objective testing, rating scales, and history, we will also have you bring rating scales completed by people who know you well.

ADHD Specialization

Diagnosing ADHD is a highly complex process because ADHD can look like so many different issues. Making sure that the person evaluating for ADHD can help ensure ADHD testing is accurate.

Putting It All Together

ADHD testing means that we put all of the pieces gathered together. This means we don’t just rely on one test or one piece of information you provide. In fact, not taking all the information into account is why many ADHDers have had their ADHD go overlooked. At the end of testing, it’s customary to receive a full report and feedback session that goes over all of the results.

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