ADHD Looks Different in Adults: 3 Things to Know Before Considering ADHD Testing in Columbus, Ohio

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If you are ADHD as an adult, you were ADHD as a child. However, life looks different in adulthood, which means that ADHD looks different in adulthood. We all know the “classic” ADHD symptoms in kids: talking too much in class, avoiding homework, being easily distracted, having difficulty with listening, acting before thinking, getting in trouble often, etc. Based on our perception of childhood ADHD, we all have an “idea” of what ADHD looks like for everyone–including adults. Because of this, many undiagnosed ADHD adults, who suspect they are ADHD, are still unsure whether or not they should get evaluated. However, there are some things to keep in mind about ADHD in adulthood that will help further explore ADHD testing in Columbus, Ohio.

Three ways ADHD in adulthood differs from ADHD in childhood:

Hyperactivity A smiling man holds a cup of coffee while typing on his laptop. Learn more about the benefits that ADHD testing in Columbus, OH can offer in identifying symptoms. Search for ADHD testing Columbus Ohio to get in contact with an adult ADHD specialist in Columbus, OH.

Not all kids with ADHD have obvious signs of hyperactivity. The expression of hyperactivity can vary based on personality, circumstances, or gender socialization. However, many ADHD children are known to be overtly hyperactive. They may struggle to sit still in class, blurt out comments to other kids (seeming like the “class clown”), and be generally rambunctious risk takers (e.g. climbing structures they are not supposed to, etc.).

Adult ADHD hyperactivity is different, as most ADHD adults have a lifetime of socialization. Here are some ways hyperactivity looks different in adults:

  • Struggling to shut one’s brain off
  • Difficulty relaxing and unwinding without feeling compelled to do something else
  • Having a hard time not interrupting others in conversation or oversharing
  • Making quick decisions without thinking things through
  • Impulsive spending habits

A couple holds their child while sitting across from a woman taking notes on a clipboard. Learn more about the benefits of ADHD testing in Columbus, OH by contacting an adult ADHD specialist in Columbus, OH, or searching for an ADHD specialist near me. Relationships

Adult relationships are different from childhood relationships. ADHD kids must survive in a world where someone else is in charge. As a result, ADHD kids can appear “oppositional” at times, which is often due to oversights in their environment’s ability to help them navigate neurodivergence.

However, ADHD adults must navigate more complex relationships, such as working relationships and intimate relationships. One feature that ADHDers often report struggling with is emotional regulation, which can impact those closest to them. At times, ADHD adults get feedback that they lose their temper easily or are quickly overwhelmed. Unfortunately, they are often critiqued for this behavior. However, being criticized when trying to express oneself can make many ADHD adults feel more alone and misunderstood. Overall, many ADHD adults struggle with feeling more quickly or deeply than others, which is often tied to emotional regulation difficulties in the frontal lobe of the brain.

Job SatisfactionA woman sits alone at her work desk with her hands under her chin and a tired expression. This could represent a symptom of burnout that ADHD testing in Columbus, OH can help you address. Learn more about the support an ADHD specialist in Columbus, OH can offer by searching for an ADHD specialist near me.

It’s really common for ADHD adults to feel mixed feelings about work. For many, they’ve found their happy place and love what they do. In fact, many ADHDers can be very high achievers who are prone to burnout. For other ADHDers, they often feel like a square peg in a round hole. Some ADHD adults might even get feedback at work about their struggles with deadlines or punctuality, for example. The point is: ADHD can lead to high-stress levels or career dissatisfaction for a variety of reasons. At the end of the day, work tends to bring up a lot of…feelings for ADHD adults. If an adult is not passionate about what they do or are appropriately supported in their career or workplace, life can feel rough.

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