ADHD Career Spotlight: Adult ADHD Superpowers in Executives and Entrepreneurs

A woman smiles as she address a board room. This could represent ADHD superpowers at work. Contact Focused Mind ADHD Counseling to learn about cognitive behavioral therapy for adult adhd in Columbus, OH and other services.

Bill Gates. Cisco Systems CEO John T. Chambers. Richard Branson. Walt Disney. All have ADHD. That’s a pretty impressive list. Make no mistake, adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can have incredibly innovative and world-changing careers. But before they can unleash their superpowers on the world, many adults with ADHD find their self-esteem has been impacted by the small parts of life made more frustrating by their ADHD. This leaves them feeling like no matter how hard they work, they never quite “measure up” the way they’d hoped. However, while it’s easy to get stuck focusing on the frustrations of ADHD, it’s actually very common for adults with ADHD to drastically overlook just how critical ADHD itself has been to their success.

But how? Just what is it about the scattered ADHD brain, about executive dysfunction, that can help to create empires, lead companies, and just keep going in the face of adversity? What is it exactly about a disorder of attention that helps to gain the attention of colleges, communities, and, in some cases, the world? The answers might surprise you.

ADHD and Poor InhibitionTwo men in work attire smile at one another as they walk. Contact Focused Mind ADHD Counseling to learn about your ADHD superpowers. ADHD symptoms can be very beneficial when understood. Learn if cognitive behavioral therapy for adult ADHD in Columbus, OH can support you!

The ADHD brain has poor inhibition. It struggles to filter out the tiny details of life. A noisy room, a noisy mind. It can feel like constant brain chatter. On the other hand, poor inhibitory control can also lead to random thoughts. Thoughts can in fact be so random, they often turn out to be “oh wow, how do they think of this stuff?” type of ideas. When applied to a concept or idea in the workplace, you get Microsoft.

ADHD and Knowing Your Strengths

Adults with ADHD have likely built up a good understanding of where they struggle in life. They might have been humbled by organization, getting things done, or anxiety. This creates an opportunity to learn how to navigate life with the right supports to offset ADHD symptoms. As long as an adult with ADHD has the right skills and supports, their creative energy can be liberated to achieve their deepest dreams. Simply put, adults with ADHD can be good at delegation.

A woman sits at her laptop as she thinks about the issue at hand. This could symbolize using ADHD superpowers at work. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling can provide cognitive behavioral therapy for adult ADHD to treat ADHD symptoms and other services. ADHD and Drive

Drive is the bridge between an idea and an empire. Tough childhood experiences (including struggles with ADHD) can often lead to feeling like a square peg in a round hole. However, it can also instill a strong drive to succeed. Set that drive loose on a business or a job, and t here’s no stopping an adult with ADHD from locking in and going after a goal.

ADHD and Ambition

Thinking outside the box leads to big ideas. Ideas that lead to gold medals, billion-dollar cartoon franchises, or ways to get ordinary civilians into space. However, ambition is about seeing an idea through in your mind. Not exactly planning it out, but seeing how a small idea can grow to become something much bigger.

ADHD and Passion

Adults with ADHD are known to light up rooms. Even if you’re an adult with ADHD who struggles with some social anxiety, it’s likely you have a part of yourself that shines when you’re excited about a topic. It probably doesn’t take much to get others to follow your passion and get on board with many of your ideas. And they’re in luck because the ADHD brain often discovers a better way of doing things.

ADHD and Creativity

Along with many other famous inventors and artists, many have speculated that Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh had ADHD. Their complex way of seeing the world led to flashes of brilliance that lit up history, time, and space. Having a creative mind might not suit certain 9-to-5 jobs, but if creative talent is harnessed, it can change the world.

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