ADHD and Relationships: 3 Signs That Work Might Be Taking Over Your Personal Life

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There’s nothing wrong with being good at your job, right?

In fact, adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be incredibly hard workers, prone to promotions and leadership positions, and many are able to hyperfocus on work (like an “ADHD superpower”). However, because a person only has so much energy to give, many ADHDers tend to notice that while one part of life is going well, another part of their life is…not. For example, when they’re feeling like a superstar at work, they might feel like they’re failing the test regarding their marriage. This mismatch of energy often elicits feedback from their spouse around seeming “checked out,” “disengaged,” or “irritable.” All of this can feel…hopeless, almost like having ADHD and a relationship that is going well is an impossible task.

Here’s the thing about losing one’s grasp on work-life balance: it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a pattern produced over time. And it creeps up on you. The good news is, knowing the signs can help to turn things around before it becomes a bigger issue.

3 Signs That Work Might Be Taking Over Your Personal Life:

You’re always on your cell phone. 

It’s 2023. We’re all on our phones. A lot. So if everyone does it, how is this a sign that work is taking over? Timing.

ADHDers who find themselves texting their bosses or coworkers when they are with their spouses or playing with their kids might have an issue. Because ADHDers struggle to detach in the first place. If the phone is starting to feel like an appendage, it might be because you never left work in the first place.

You have excessive fear of failure (and it’s spilling over into your home life).A father holds their head while their wife and daughter sit behind him. This could represent the stress of working on relationships. Learn more about ADHD and relationships by contacting an adult ADHD therapist in Ohio for ADHD treatment for adults.

Many ADHD people struggle with fears of failure, as ADHD and anxiety are a common pairing. However, when it feels excessive and you’re talking about worst-case scenarios with your friends and loved ones often…you might be burning out at work. The problem with fear of failure at work is that it can lead to poor boundaries. Picking up the phone at a moment’s notice. Working late into the evening hours. Simultaneously, you begin to lose your grip on family life. Suddenly, you’re starting to fear how your kids will remember you. Or you worry about your relationship and how much more your partner can take of them having to pick up the pieces at home.

A couple smiles while cooking together in the kitchen. Learn how to address work related stress and learn more about ADHD and relationships today. Contact an adult ADHD therapist in Ohio to learn more about ADHD treatment for adults today.You’re losing sleep. 

ADHDers struggle to keep their sleep schedules. Often, their brains just won’t shut off when needed. Many will report that keeping an ongoing routine seems like a pipe dream. As a result, binge-watching Netflix, playing video games, or working on projects (“to stay ahead of things”) are all common behaviors they might be engaging in instead of sleeping.

Identifying if losing sleep is a result of work taking over your personal life comes down to intention. If you’re trying to add more self-care into your life, then staying up a little later to play a video game can be a good thing. However, if you’re zapped from overextending yourself at work and feeling like you need to “zone out,” then the same behavior has a different intention.

When coping with being overwhelmed and fears of failure start to erode sleep, it can become a cycle. This can lead to excessive anxiety or even depression. What tends to result is even more withdrawal from home and family life in the day, leading to more criticism from others that you seem “checked out” and disengaged––which, let’s face it, isn’t you.A couple smiles while embracing one another and looking out a window. Learn how an adult ADHD therapist in Ohio can offer support with ADHD and relationships. Learn more by searching for ADHD productivity hacks today.

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