About Billy

Hi. I’m Billy. I’m Glad You’re Here.

Portrait of man sitting and smiling. This is Billy Roberts, the owner of Open Pathways Counseling! He is a columbus ohio therapist that offers adult adhd therapy in columbus, oh, act therapy in columbus, oh, and other mental health services. Contact him today for support!

I am the founder and owner of Focused Mind ADHD Counseling and specialize in ADHD therapy and ADHD testing.

Most of all, what you probably want to know is:

a) do I know what I’m doing b) what inspires me to work as an ADHD therapist, and c) am I a human being that you can relate to? 

So, before we get into what makes me credible, here are some things I hope will assure you that I am a human being:

Ok, so about me…as a human, I wear many hats. I’m a movie buff (you’ll notice lots of Star Wars references sprinkled throughout this website) and an entrepreneur. And, a husband, father of a tiny little person, and owner of a seriously massive Bernese Mountain Dog named Hagrid. I’m also a lover of the outdoors and the indoors (because, Netflix), and a proud supporter of “nerding out”…whatever that means to you.

Why I Love Working with ADHD

Right after college, I began working at the NYU Child Study Center, a premier therapy center for neurodiversity (and ADHD). I loved working with individuals with creative and quick minds. After obtaining my master’s degree, I continued to love helping individuals get organized and manage their emotions, and began looking into specializing as an ADHD therapist.

For the better part of a decade, I’ve dedicated myself as a Columbus Ohio therapist. I love helping people gain control over their busy minds and strong emotions in order to harness their unique gifts, strengths, and meet their goals. And, I know that with the right tools, it is possible for adults with ADHD to calm their busy minds and start getting things done.

What makes me credible:

  • I’m trained in smart therapies approaches:
  • I have been providing mental health services for the better half of a decade
  • I’ve lead national trainings on the assessment and treatment of adult ADHD
  • I have worked in college counseling centers, community mental health clinics, and hospital emergency rooms in New York City and Columbus, Ohio.
  • I’ve appeared in CNN, Huffpost, Forbes, Psychcentral, ADDitude Magazine, Bustle, Verywell Mind, Fatherly, and other major media outlets, discussing ADHD testing, ADHD treatment, and other topics related to mental health.
  • Member of the American Professional Society for ADHD and Related Disorders
  • I am a Certified ADHD therapist (ADHD-CCSP)
  • As a Columbus Ohio therapist, I am a Licensed Independent Social Worker in the State of Ohio # I.1801323-SUPV. You can verify that I am a therapist in Columbus, Ohio at the Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage and Family Therapist Board of Ohio.
  • I care.

Start ADHD Therapy in Columbus, Ohio with Me
portrait of a man smiling at the camera with a checkered button up shirt. This is Billy Roberts, who is the owner of Open Pathways Counseling. He is a columbus ohio therapist that offers adhd therapy in columbus, oh, act therapy, humanistic therapy in columbus ohio, and other services!

Finding a specialist who you click with can be overwhelming. Know that in addition to my understanding of ADHD, I value connection, authenticity, empowerment, and being a real human being. At Focused Mind ADHD Counseling, we tailor our approach to your individual needs.

So, now that you know a bit more about me, I’d love to get to know you! As a Columbus Ohio therapist, I have a variety of ADHD services to help adults with ADHD throughout Ohio. At my Columbus Ohio therapy clinic, we offer other services to support ADHD including anxiety treatment for ADHD, depression counseling for ADHD, therapy for work stress and burnout, and counseling for men with ADHD. In addition, we offer my services through online therapy as well! When you’re ready to begin therapy in Columbus, OH with me, follow these steps:

  1. Contact me by email, clicking here, or call today for a free 15-minute phone consultation.
  2. Schedule a time to meet for your first appointment.
  3. Stop feeling scattered. Start focusing your busy mind.

Man poses for a photo with his dog, Hagrid. His face is next to the dog's. This is Billy Roberts, the owner of Open Pathways Counseling. He offers act therapy in columbus, oh, adhd treatment for adults near me, and other mental health services. Contact him today for the support you deserve.

It’s Hagird! 92 pounds and afraid of microwaves [we’re working on it…].