About Samara

Hello! I’m Samara. I’m so glad you decided to take the first step. 

I help adults with ADHD learn the tools needed to untangle roadblocks and become the best version of themselves. 

Before we get into credentials, here is a little bit about me as a human: I’m a California native, mom, dancer, and recovering people pleaser, who embarrasses my kids with goofy singing. I like drawing, writing, photography, music (Swiftie), walking in the woods, and yoga. My favorite thing in the morning is taking a moment to sit quietly with my coffee. 


We all learn, interpret, and experience differently. I grew up a strong advocate for alternative education options based on this belief. Personally, I also know what it’s like to work with perfectionism and to learn that good enough is just right. My theory is: if we look closely enough, we will see there is really no such thing as “normal” after all. But variation isn’t something recognized or allowed much in our world. My clients learn to focus their attention to show up fully for their lives, manage big emotions, and harness their unique ADHD minds to start meeting their truest potential. 


I grew up in alternative education, immersed with people learning and interpreting differently. As an adult, I have spent years working in both an inpatient hospital and community mental health, helping people in crisis and with acutely difficult lives find their voices while struggling with a host of difficulties, including anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD, and trauma.

  • I have specialized training in ADHD and neurodiversity affirming therapy approaches.
  • I use humanistic (the “learn to have self-compassion” therapy) and psychodynamic (the “why I feel the way I feel” approach).
  • I hold a certification in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and have advanced training in CBT, and mindfulness-based approaches.
  • As a Columbus Ohio therapist, I am a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio (S.2208629). You can verify that I am a therapist in Columbus, Ohio at the Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage and Family Therapist Board of Ohio. I am supervised by William Roberts, LISW-S (#I.1801323-SUPV)


So, now that you know a bit more about me, I’d love to get to know you! As a Columbus Ohio therapist, I have a variety of ADHD services to help adults with ADHD throughout Ohio. At our Columbus Ohio therapy clinic, I offer other services to support ADHD including adult ADHD treatment, anxiety treatment for ADHD, and depression counseling for ADHD. In addition, we services through online therapy as well! When you’re ready to begin therapy in Columbus, OH with me, follow these steps:
1. Contact me by contacting the center and clicking here, or call us today for
a free 15-minute phone consultation.
2. Schedule a time to meet for your first appointment.
3. Stop feeling overwhelmed. Start taking control of your life.