About Nikki

Well, Hello There. I’m Nikki. It’s Nice To Meet You.

I help empower ADHD adults to learn the most effective tools and start taking control of their lives. 

I believe in therapy that is real and approachable. So here’s a little bit about me so that you know that first and foremost I’m authentic real human you can relate to:

I love adventure, fitness, coffee shops, nerdy fantasy books and strategy board games. I also love a good non-fiction book (typically about empowerment). I’m a working professional that understands the demands of balancing a passionate busy professional life, a committed relationship, and the worries of being a dog mom to a pup with some serious selective listening issues.

What Makes Me Love Working With Adhd

I began my academic career in early childhood education. Realizing that my true passion was in psychology and in human nature, I shifted gears to mental health.

And why ADHD? Because, I know that slowing down is hard. I understand how hard it is to get things done while trying to hold it all together all the time.

I love sharing the right tools to set boundaries on time and turn down the noise on all the overwhelms. With a background in health and wellness, I have always been fascinated with the body-heart- brain connection and how we can use our feelings as insight into our world. Ultimately, this led me to becoming an ADHD specialist, as I quickly learnt that adhd affects many parts of one’s life, so a holistic approach is needed. At the end of the day, ADHD comes with an exceptional and innovative brain, and when my clients and I find the best ways to channel that, not only do they get things done, they become limitless.

What Makes Me Credible

I am trained and certified in Diagnosis & Treatment of ADHD and Impulse-Control Disorders, as well as in Trauma & Stressor-Related Disorders.
● I use a variety of evidence based treatment approaches including Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (the how can I have self-compassion therapy), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (the how can I better manage my feelings therapy), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (the how can I change my actions and thoughts to build better habits therapy). However, I always ensure an individualized approach to therapy (no generic worksheets, you have my word!)
● As a Columbus Ohio therapist, I am a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Ohio (S.2207527). You can verify that I am a therapist in Columbus, Ohio at the Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage and Family Therapist Board of Ohio. I am supervised by William Roberts, LISW-S (#I.1801323-SUPV)
● I have a background in a variety of mental health settings including hospitals, community mental health, and private practice.

Start ADHD Therapy In Columbus, Ohio With Me.

So, now that you know a bit more about me, I’d love to get to know you! As a Columbus Ohio therapist, I have a variety of ADHD services to help adults with ADHD throughout Ohio. At our Columbus Ohio therapy clinic, I offer other services to support ADHD including adult ADHD treatment, anxiety treatment for ADHD, and depression counseling for ADHD. In addition, we services through online therapy as well! When you’re ready to begin therapy in Columbus, OH with me, follow these steps:
1. Contact me by contacting the center and clicking here, or call us today for
a free 15-minute phone consultation.
2. Schedule a time to meet for your first appointment.
3. Stop feeling overwhelmed. Start taking control of your life.

 It’s Bay! (don’t worry, I’m a much better listener than she is).