A New Year and Adult ADHD: The One Resolution You Shouldn’t Overlook

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Jamie is tired of New Year’s Resolutions. Something always gets her off track. She remembers last year when she was going to bring work-life balance info focus. And the years before that when she was going to start her new business. January starts strong, but somehow everything fizzles by mid-march. At times, this cycle can make her feel pretty down on herself.

Resolutions don’t always end because of getting distracted. They often end due to shame, negative self-talk, and feeling defeated. These self-defeating cycles can easily derail folks from their goals. Of course they can. It’s basically like trying to run a race while being heckled.

However, negative self-talk, shame, guilt, etc. all drain an ADHDer of their energy before and after New Year’s.

What Drains the ADHD Brain:

OvercommitmentA person smiles with a cup in hand has they type on their laptop. This could represent the support online therapy in Columbus, OH offers. Contact a therapist in Columbus Ohio to learn more about ADHD and emotional regulation today. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling can help you unlock your ADHD superpowers! 43085 | 43220 | 43235

It’s common for adults with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) to overcommit. Often this has to do with the impulse to “make up” for something. However, what tends to happen is too many promises and not enough time to follow through. This turns into negative feedback that isn’t actually warranted, as being unable to follow through had nothing to do with the person’s talents or ability.

Goals vs. Actions

Work-life balance. Self-care. More confidence at work. All great goals. However, without action steps, these goals are sort of abstract and can decrease confidence if they aren’t met. However, if you get specific with something like, “leave work on time at least three nights a week,” now you’re talking.

A Lack of Benchmarks 

In the case of getting things done, having a way to measure progress towards goals is particularly critical. This might mean asking for help or simply having a way to check in with yourself. Accountability not only keeps goal-directed actions at the forefront of our minds, but it inspires confidence when you notice small changes.

Understanding what might be keeping you from achieving your goals is huge, and having a plan of action can hep create a roadmap for getting things done.

The One Resolution To Not Overlook:


What!? Joy? Obviously, right? Why wouldn’t you want to be happier?

Resolving to focus on what brings you joy and discovering how to follow those impulses is the A couple smile as they cut and prepare food in the kitchen. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling can help you improve focus. Learn more about how online therapy in Columbus, OH can help you overcome ADHD and anxiety in adults today. Unlock your ADHD superpowers! 43085 | 43202 | 43085foundation to build most your other goals and resolutions on.

But remember, joy is not a passive process. Following joy as a compass can help to balance overworking and shake up negative self-talk. Keep in mind: true joy comes from the activities that bring your life meaning and purpose. Some good places to start might include…

What Energizes the ADHD Brain:

Passion Projects

Do you love making music? Do you dream about a day off work to stroll around downtown shopping districts? Are you yearning for a passion project? Finding and following your passions is key to increasing happiness.


The ADHD brain needs to be creative. It’s not just important, it’s critical. While buying an art set or a guitar can be great, even small ways of being creative can help. You might find that cooking, writing in a journal, or starting a blog sparks your creativity. Anything to take care of the part of the self that needs more avenues for expression.

A man prepares to throw a paper airplane to their co-worker as they smile. This could represent the positive outcome of working with a therapist in Columbus Ohio for ADHD and emotional regulation. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling can offer online therapy in Columbus, OH today. 43235 | 43202 | 43214Value-Driven Actions

What are your values? If there were a fork in the road, one leading you away from your values and one toward, which would you find yourself taking? Often a lack of joy tends to be a disconnect from our personal values. For example, if you value spending time with your children but finding yourself overworking instead. This will likely lead to frustration and resentment. While shame can make you feel the need for a complete overhaul, the reality is, value-driven actions can happen on a moment-to-moment basis. Like getting home in time for dinner or turning off your phone in the evening. Small decisions can bring you closer to your values.


Learning to say no is critical to joy. While saying no isn’t always possible, saying yes to every little thing is not sustainable or effective. Setting boundaries around your priorities and managing expectations can help carve out a life filled with more joy.

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