A Complete Guide to ADHD Testing in Columbus, Ohio

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You get home from work feeling defeated. Later that evening, you start scrolling social media…you notice a thread about adult ADHD symptoms. There it is. Randomly on a Tuesday evening…your life story. You start a Google doom scroll to learn more. ADHD in adults. ADHD symptoms. What makes ADHD different from childhood ADHD? Imposter syndrome and ADHD. And ADHD testing in Columbus, Ohio. Now the hard part kicks in. Where to start and what to ask.

Why try ADHD testing for adults?

 You’ve been feeling overwhelmed by life and struggling to get things done. Every day, you wake up A stressed woman pinches the bridge of her nose while sitting at her computer desk. ADHD testing in Columbus, OH can help adults with ADHD and overthinking. Learn more by contacting Focused Mind ADHD Counseling today! 43214 | 43202 | 43220thinking “today’s the day I turn it all around, get things done, take my career to the next level,” only to find yourself easily distracted and struggling to stay on task. It’s all too common that adults with undiagnosed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) truly struggle day-to-day. However, many adults with ADHD have learned to mask their symptoms. But knowing the common signs of ADHD can help.

Common Symptoms of ADHD

 The following must be part of a long-term pattern and occur often:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Getting lost in conversations
  • Overlooking important details
  • Running out of time to complete tasks
  • Getting easily distracted
  • Avoiding tasks that require sustained attention
  • Blurting things out and then beating yourself up for social interactions
  • Struggling to sit still or relax

However, ADHD also has some less-discussed symptoms worth mentioning. These are called “secondary effects” of ADHD and are usually due to years of struggling with getting criticized––by yourself or others––for unintended mistakes (often without even knowing you had ADHD).

Commonly Overlooked Symptoms of ADHD

  • Sensitivity to rejection
  • Struggles with regulating emotions
  • Social anxiety
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Perfectionism

Simply put, ADHD is a complex diagnosis. ADHD symptoms can easily mimic other mental health issues and even medical issues. An ADHD specialist is trained to assess all the possibilities and rule things out before arriving at an ADHD diagnosis.

Knowing with confidence that you have ADHD can be life changing. An ADHD specialist can identify ADHD symptoms with accuracy.

Now the hard part…finding an ADHD specialist in Ohio.

A smiling man writes down something as he sits in front of his laptop. This could represent finding the right adult ADHD therapist in Ohio. Contact Focused Mind ADHD Counseling to learn more about ADHD testing for adults in Columbus, OH today. 43214 | 43235 | 43016There are a variety of ways to find an ADHD specialist. Asking trusted friends or other providers for referrals can be a start. Another way is doing research online or via an ADHD specific directory site, which can provide good leads. However, once you have some names, learning more about the specialist and speaking with them on the phone before booking an appointment can help increase your comfort and confidence in their ability to help. Ideally, the process should feel welcoming, without frustrating barriers to getting an appointment.

The ADHD Testing Process

ADHD testing is not a checklist or a quick conversation in a busy doctor’s office. It’s a comprehensive process of gathering information from multiple sources. While the first step is typically completing a variety of rating scales, the second is usually an extensive clinical interview to learn more about how distraction is negatively impacting your life and about any symptoms present from childhood. In addition, there are a variety of computerized tests and puzzle games that measure your attention span in real time. The entire process takes about three hours. At Focused Mind ADHD Counseling, you’ll get a clear and accurate diagnosis complete with a diagnostic write up.

Here are some common Myths about ADHD Testing

If I had ADHD, wouldn’t I know by now?

Actually, the opposite is true. It’s suspected that five million adults have ADHD and a whopping 90 percent are undiagnosed. So of the adults who have ADHD, many have had their symptoms overlooked. Why? There are many reasons, one big one is that we have more efficient assessment measures than twenty or even ten years ago.

Doesn’t everyone struggle with focus?

Yes. However, not everyone has a lifelong pattern of being easily distracted, being disorganized, trouble managing time, and zoning out in conversations, all of which also impact their life satisfaction or daily functioning.

Wouldn’t I have outgrown it by now if I have ADHD?A man smiles in his office as he types something on their laptop. Focused Mind ADHD Counseling can offer support with ADHD testing in Columbus, OH. Learn more by contacting an adult ADHD specialist in Ohio today. 43220 | 43016 | 43017

Sort of. While some ADHD symptoms fade as children become adults, the vast majority of the time they persist. And when they do fade, they are often changing based on the situation, your chosen profession, or the coping skills you’ve learned to manage life differently than in childhood.

Begin Adult ADHD Testing in Columbus, OH

 You don’t have to live your life feeling overwhelmed and making unintended mistakes. Testing can help you find real understanding and real solutions. Our Columbus OH-based counseling practice has caring adult ADHD specialists. To start your journey with our adult ADHD specialist, follow these simple steps:

Other ADHD Services Offered at Focused Mind ADHD Counseling

We offer a variety of mental health services that go beyond adult ADHD treatment at our Columbus, OH counseling practice. As an adult with ADHD, Focused Mind ADHD Counseling understands you may also benefit from anxiety treatment for ADHD, counseling for men with ADHD, or depression counseling for ADHD. You can also view our blog for more resources and helpful info. We look forward to connecting with you!