5 Reasons This Is The Year To Start Anxiety Therapy 

1. Last year you could cope with worry. This year, not so much. 

Ah, 2020: the dumpster-fire year. Makes you wanna find a cabin and watch old Disney movies with a box of Milk Duds until the grown ups figure it out. It seems like all the ways you used to cope with anxiety aren’t standing up to the stressors of life today. The state of the world is reinforcing fears of failure and you’re starting to really get down on yourself. You want to feel in control again––like you can handle whatever comes your way. 

2. Last year you felt ok about where your life was going. This year is filled with uncertainty.

Let’s face it, the future feels pretty unpredictable right now. And somehow you’re losing your ability to handle all the thoughts racing through your mind. Whether it’s the job you’re worried you’ll lose or the one you worry you can’t get, you’re starting to really feel the weight of those worries. You want to find hope and peace of mind in a chaotic world. 

3. Last year you couldn’t wait to make plans with friends. This year you’re avoiding their texts. 

You’re getting to the point in life where you’re stressed about where you are vs. where you thought you’d be. And that’s making you feel anxious around your friends. You anxiously anticipate another “what are you doing with your life?” conversation. Watching everyone in your Instagram feed get married or promoted has you feeling all kinds of FOMO and honestly, you’re over it. You’re ready to be social without the “please don’t ask…ugh…here we go…” feelings of dread.

4. Last year you kept a sleep schedule (sort of). This year, chronic worries are like “nah, let’s freak out for a couple of hours at 2am.”

The midnight hour is the only time your brain isn’t distracted. So you worry. And worry. And…worry. You start to review things you said and think, “ugh, I made that so awkward!” Or you worry about the future and try to solve problems. The trouble is, it’s 2am and none of the answers to your questions can get solved. But one thing is for sure: tomorrow is going to suck. You’re ready to sleep without the nightly hangout with self-doubt and fear. 

5. Last year you set boundaries between home and work. This year, you’re on your laptop until 1am. 

Terms like ‘no, thanks,’ ‘not for me,’ or ‘I’m not able to do that’ seem like a distant memory. Not knowing what tomorrow will look like has you taking on more than you can handle. With your plate this full, you’re starting to show signs of burnout. You’re ready to find balance and start saying no again. 

How Anxiety Therapy Helps

Anxiety is developed over time and can be rooted in past experiences. Anxiety therapy untangles the web of fear and connects the dots in a new and empowering way. The world might be scary, but anxiety doesn’t need to hold you back from living the life you truly want to be living. 

Through anxiety treatment, it’s possible to figure out all the different things causing your anxiety to make change that lasts. 

If you recognize the signs above, it might be time to start anxiety therapy. At Open Pathways Counseling, we don’t prescribe to one style of therapy. Therapy should be as unique as you, which means we will learn more about your anxiety and how to alleviate it together. Call or fill out the contact form today for a calmer, happier 2021.